The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Loveless Love & DJs LunaGoth and Doktor Reaktor (Spokane) 4/16/19


  1. Ghost by Loveless Love on Loveless
  2. The Wait by Figure Study on Figure Study
  3. Wild Animal by Hante. on Fierce
  4. Overgod by Steril on 400 Years Of Electronic Music
  5. X-Tension In Progress by C-Lekktor on X-tension In Progress
  6. Loveless by Loveless Love on Loveless
  7. The Absolute by Death Of Lovers on The Acrobat
  8. Human Faults by Darkswoon on Bind
  9. Opium by Dead Can Dance on Anastasis
  10. Street Spirit by Priest on Obey
  11. Closer Baby One More Time by Britney Spears vs Nine inch Nails on mash-up by DJ Doktor Reaktor
  12. I by Loveless Love on Loveless
  13. Running Juveniles by Principe Valiente on Oceans
  14. Enigmatic Individual by This Cold Night on An Enigmatic Individual
  15. Human Fly by The Cramps on Bad Music For Bad People (IRS Records)
  16. Loveless Love by Painted Lady on Burn While Listening
  17. Loveless Love by Red Leather Eyes on Burn While Listening
  18. Loveless Love by Adult Content on Burn While Listening