Episode 52: Michael Daddona Hosts (RATSKIN. Records Takeover)

Michael Daddona of RATSKIN. Records guest hosts Episode 52!

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"Hell Mix"


False / None “Procession Swarm”  (2019)

Headboggle  “Jerk Beat” (2019)

Tyler Holmes “Devil” (2019)

Joel Shanahan “Staring Deep Into Nothing” (2019)

Dax Pierson “Macrobid” (2018)

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt “Animal Chimera” (2019)

Big Debbie “Ab Ra Ca Deb Ra”  (2016)

Headboggle  “Dude Blues” (2019)

Beast Nest “Jsun” (2017)

Spellling “Blue (American Dream)” (2017)

Xuxa Sanataria “Rudos del Mar” (2019)

Wizard  Apprentice “I Am Invisible” (2018)

Headboggle  “Detective Work” (2019)

Disappearing “The Shell, Decayed” (2017)

Bonus Beast “Mental Decay (edit)” (2016)

V.E.X. “Another  World” (2015)

Cyborg Eye “Death Of Captain Rhodes” (2018)

Las Sucias “Mi Cago” (2016)

Yama Uba “Angel” (2019)

Maya Songbird “Eyes That Roar” (2016)

Victor Vankmen “35th Ave (demo)” (2019)

Black Spirituals “Temperament” (2016)

Thoabath “The  Thirst (Remix ft/ Sandy Sleeper)”  (2016)

Slanted Square “Wet” (2016)

Dilatedears “Ministry Of Temporal Division” (2015)

David Molina/Transient “Wall and Tongues Music” (2016)

Loachfillet “The Dirge (For Jsun)” (2016)

Malocculsion “Wormfood” (2018)

Moor Mother “CTM Five” (2017)

Coral Remains “DNA Eraser” (2015)