Rainy day mix, and a big announcement!

Hey all! It's kinda gross today. Let's listen to something more mellow but upbeat enough to lift our spirits!

Also I have a big announcement about the future of the show!


  1. Howa Howa Shuwa Shuwa -宇宙ネコの舌ざわり- by Miki Matsubara on The Premium Best Miki Matsubara (Pony Canyon)
  2. SO MANY FRIENDS by Yuki Okazaki on SO MANY FRIENDS (Warner Bros. Records)
  3. Break
  4. Slow motion by Takao Kisugi on Visitor (Kitty Records)
  5. やさしく殺して by Fever on First Flight (Toshiba Records)
  6. スマッシュ・ボーイの微笑み by Hiroko Yakushimaru on 梦十话 (Eastworld)
  7. Funkee Mahjong by Sadistic Mika Band on Hot! Menu (Rock You! Japan)
  8. めざまし時計 by Tomoko Soryo on City Lights By The Moonlight (RCA)
  9. 雨のステイション by Yumi Matsutoya on Cobalt Hour (Express)
  10. Morning Glory by Yamashita Tatsuro on For You (Air Records)
  11. Miss D.J by Junko Yagami on Communication (Moon Records)
  12. NEVER BE SO BLUE by SHIHO on ECSTASIA (Interface)
  13. Way back by Natsuki Ozawa on アイドル・ミラクルバイブルシリーズ 小沢なつき (CBS/Sony)
  14. 雲のゆくえに by Tatsuro Yamashita on RIDE ON TIME (Remaster) (Air Records)
  15. 水色のワンピース by Yasuha on Golden Best (Polydor)
  16. Blue by Seiko Matsuda on Citron (CBS/Sony)
  17. Good・by-Good・by by Chiemi Manabe on Mystery ・ Girl (CBS/Sony)
  18. お好きにせめて by Asami Kado on Semi-nude (Union Records)
  19. ポートベローの銀時計 by Momoe Yamaguchi on Golden Flight (CBS/Sony)
  20. 太陽の下のラスト・ワルツ by Yuko Kawai on フジヤマ・パラダイス (Yuko Kawai = 河合夕子* - Fujiyama Paradise = フジヤマ・パラダイス ‎(LP, Album) Epic/Sony)
  21. カシミヤのほほえみ by Junko Yagami on Communication (Moon Records)
  22. SEVEN DAY'S JOURNEY by 大沢逸美 (Itsumi Osawa) on ジェームス・ディーンみたいな女の子
  23. Sparkle by Yamashita Tatsuro on For You (Air Records)
  24. ウィークエンドは軽い病気 by Miki Matsubara on Cool Cut (See・Saw)
  25. Break
  26. ときめき Wining by Yoko Oda on New York 1961 (Crystal Bird)