transfiguration #96 protection from the sun mix (tina burner)


  1. Mexican Bells (for Jorge Reyes) by Suso Saiz on Nothing Is Objective
  2. Once Again I Hear the Beautiful Vertigo… Luring Us To "Do Something (Somehow)" by Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke & Oren Ambarchi on Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour In All the Mystery
  3. Zoltan by M. Geddes Gengras on I Am the Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World
  4. Pastagens Sonoras II by Luís Antero on Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa, Vol. 2: Regiões
  5. Bottom of the Sky by Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends on Nue Remixes: Laurel Halo / Julia Holter
  6. Boat Woman Song by Technical Space Composer's Crew on Canaxis 5
  7. Fogomay'iu Village by Black Merlin on Kosua
  8. Rooftop Gardens by Marja Ahti on Vegetal Negatives
  9. Orkneyan Skerries, 2078 by Embassador Dulgoon on Hydrorion Remnants
  10. Lov by Vorhees on Tracks for Movement
  11. Maybe This Is Something You Should Think About by MATstudio (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft) on MATstudio 2
  12. DOSE 1 by Ryan Wick on "Indo"
  13. Genom Grundet by Ekolali on Genom Grundet