transfiguration #97 gardener's delight mix (tina burner)


  1. My Lao Accordion by Ayankoko on Kia Sao ກ້ຽວສາວ
  2. Mowing Machine by Mazzo on Sound For Gardening
  3. Things You Do for Love by Apiento on Things You Do for Love
  4. C-Thru by Dust-e-1 on The Cosmic Dust
  5. Bloodflow (Brainwaltzera Catastrophic Blood Loss Edit) by Grandbrothers on Bloodflow (Remixes)
  6. Dream Stealers by A Sagittariun on Return To Telepathic Heights
  7. Amygdala (John Beltran's Summer Drive Mix) by Supreems on Amygdala
  8. Drømmeland by Fruit on Drømmeland
  9. Distance by Eluize on Confide
  10. Club Notes by Kornél Kovács on Stockholm Marathon
  11. Hanoi (feat. Cô Đôi Thượng Ngàn & Viet Rice Band) by Red Axes on Trips #2: Vietnam
  12. Hungboo by Peggy Gou on DJ-Kicks
  13. Hue (feat. Music Acadamy Students) by Red Axes on Trips #2: Vietnam
  14. Zomba by Philou Louzolo on Nubian Quadrant
  15. Moyo Mama by Saronde on Moyo Mama + Jimpster (Remixes)
  16. Ahead of Time (Edit) by Baltra & park hye jin on Ahead of Time
  17. Find a Way by BD1982 on 7th Door
  18. Master of Reality by Tanzlife & Id Ensemble on Master of Reality (feat. Earth Trax)
  19. Acacia by Priori on 00:am, Vol. 1
  20. f We Never Try (DJ Normal 4 Remix) by Erell Ranson on Hand In Hand - The Remixes
  21. Untitled Dub (Horsemen Add Some Garage Mix) by Tserg on Incandescent Longing
  22. XL by Jeals on Scorpio Reservoir
  23. Mangostine (Axel Boman Remix) by Longhair on Mangostine
  24. Purification Ritual (Spiritual Cleansing) by Precipitation on "Wakkanai Pilgrimage"