1. Lazer Beam by Sworn Virgins on Lazer Beam (DEEWEE)
  2. Conscious Charm by Regular Citizen on Sleeping Unique (Presto!?)
  3. House vs. House by Blanck Mass on Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)
  4. Raw Trax 3 by Surgeon on Raw Trax 1 (Dynamic Tension)
  5. Tears (Silent Servant Remix) by Boy Harsher on Tears (Nude Club)
  6. Pets Conversation by Zurkas Tepla on Occasion Smell (Klammklang)
  7. Make Nature Speak (feat. Eben Bull) by Rupert Clervaux on After Masterpieces (Whities)
  8. Husband Established by Akiko Haruna on Delusions (Where To Now?)
  9. Pipe Dreams by Sote on Parallel Persia (Diagonal)
  10. cum angelis by Pontiac Streator on cum angelis (Self-released)
  11. Sapphire Point by Imaginary Softwoods on Gold Fiction Loop Garden (Field Records)
  12. Joy by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Tracing Back the Radiance (Mexican Summer)
  13. Now More Than Ever by Lifted on 2 (PAN)
  14. Touching Softness by Regular CItizen on Sleeping Unique (Presto!?)
  15. Sleep In Nothingless by Alexandra Spence on Waking, She Heard the Fluttering (Room40)
  16. Bridge Of Death by Hildur Guðnadóttir on Chernobyl (Music from the Original TV Series) (Deutsche Grammophon)
  17. Moderato Cantabile by Felicia Atkinson on The Flower and The Vessel (Shelter Press)
  18. Oparin by Galya Bisengalieva on EP ONE (Nomad Music Productions)
  19. Loss of Consciousness by Kevin Richard Martin on Sirens (Room40)
  20. In, Demons, In! (Halfway In) by Jim O'Rourke & CM von Hausswolff on IN DEMONS IN! (iDEAL Recordings)