Abuela's Pantry #108

I have returned from a cold, still kind of have a cold, but now it's just whatever is left over after two weeks of feeling it, and one week of feeling like death.

A lot has happened like somehow I feel more rooted in reality and ready to go forward with dreams and things I've forgotten about. It feels weird, when it's totally normal, especially with someone with pingponging levels of energy and motivation. Let's remember that it's okay to slow down, it's okay to take your time to get back on your feet. It's okay to just exist. I'm proud of me and I'm proud of you for coming so far.


  1. More Loves Than Stupids by Bunnygrunt on Karen's Hater's Club (Happy Birthday to me)
  2. Sorry That I'm Drunk by Say Sue Me on We've Sobered Up (Damnably/Electric Muse)
  3. Future Me Hates Me by The Beths on Future Me Hates Me (Carpark Recordss)
  4. Party Song by Sobs on Telltale Signs (Middle Class Cigars)
  5. Crying on the Subway by Hana Vu on How Many Times Have You Driven By (Luminelle)
  6. Habits by Barrie on Happy To Be Here (Winspear)
  7. Pass The Hours by MorMor on Pass The Hours (Don't Guess)
  8. Bruise by Yumi Zouma (Cascine)
  9. Dance Like U by Okay Kaya on Both (Heavy Body Records)
  10. Close to Your Ego by Pavo Pavo on Mystery Hour (Bella Union)
  11. Angel by Du Blonde on Lung Bread for Daddy (Moshi Moshi)
  12. Venus by Twist on Distancing (Buzz)
  13. Nothing at All by The Stroppies on Whoosh (Tough Love)
  14. Feeling Small by Parsnip on Feeling Small (Anti Fade 2018)
  15. Digestion by Shrimpwitch on Gave me the Itch (Psychic Hysteria)
  16. Tall Poppies by School Damage on Straight Ds (self-released)
  17. Everything Changes by Loose Tooth on Saturn Returne (Milk!)
  18. Sometimes Accidentally by Goon Sax on Up to Anything (Chapter Music)
  19. Today Tonight by Totally Mild on Her (Chapter Music)
  20. Palms by Body Type on Palms (Partisan)
  21. Heartache by The She's on All Female Rock and Roll (Empty Cellar Records)
  22. Head Back by Dick Diver on New Start Again (Chapter Music)
  23. Alexandra by RVG (Fat Possum Records)
  24. Scorpio Moon by Mod Con on Modern Convenience (Poison City Records)
  25. esteem by jade imagine on what the fuck was i thinking (our golden friend)
  26. Fleshlight by Moody Beaches on Weird Friends (Poison City Records)
  27. My Body Is An Ecosystem by Jess Locke on My Body Is An Ecosystem/Nothing At All (Pool House Records)
  28. Comfortable by Moaning Lisa on Do you know enough? (Father/Daughter Records)
  29. Emotionally Untidy by Rachel Maria Cox on Untidy Lines (Sad Grrrls Club)
  30. Yesterday's Clothes by Carla Geneve (Remote Control Records/Dot Dash Recordings)
  31. Easy I Fall by Grace Turner (self-released)
  32. (Hear You) by Sweater Curse (self-released)
  33. Silly Girl by Voiid (self-released)
  34. Labrador by WAAX (self-released)
  35. Keep Growing by Camp Cope on Camp Cope/Cayetana 7 (Poison City Records)
  36. The Tide Is High - Radio Mix by Atomic Kitten on Feels So Good (Virgin)