Episode 57: Denley Hosts

mo things

.Tetsuo, Airlocke, Brant Jackson, Calioto, Audrey MiKa, DJ Grumble, Go Yama, DJ Quest-Questosahn, Dirac, Dreego, Limon, Fredo Algebra, G.C. Martin, Graves, Hello Peril, Matt Bloom, Monk HTS, DJ Platurn, Nabs Nebula, Odd Nosdam, OneWerd, Phillipdrummond, Professa Gabel, Nunasa, Baghead, Quelle Chris, Rap Noir, Rey Resurreccion, Kid Rated R, Dope Dee, Max Kane, Richie Cunning, San Quinn, Siri, Slurgeon, Denley, Spote Breeze, Stanley Ipkuss, Teeko, Yalls, Yugi Boi, chromonicci, Oxthemoron, bastrd, demahjiae, hooligunn.hølmes, tokay.


  1. We On (feat. Anml Plnt) by Fredo Algebra on Hope Floats (Self-Released)
  2. No Road Home (feat. Scarub) by OneWerd on Timeless (Self-Released)
  3. Studies (Side A) [Excerpt] by Nabs Nebula on Studies (City Trees Recordings)
  4. Product by G.C. Martin on Product (G.C. Records)
  5. God Mode (Prod By TK Other Realm) by Siri on (Soundcloud)
  6. Switch Places by Dirac on Parkway Blues (Self-Released)
  7. how dare i by demahjiae on (Soundcloud)
  8. 24/7 (feat. P Fetti & Monk HTS) by San Quinn on Stronger Than Ever (Done Deal / Evaclear Music)
  9. Last Standing / Hip Hop Cables by Rey Resurreccion, Kid Rated R, Dope Dee, Max Kane on Novato: Wired Sessions (AirBnBeats)
  10. Obamacare (Prod. by Chris Keys) by Quelle Chris on Guns (Mello Music Group)
  11. Coffee on Bush Street by .Tetsuo on [Life. Loops] (Self-Released)
  12. Nodead by Odd Nosdam on 7.1 (Burnco Recs)
  13. Does It Spark Joy (Demo 2) by Slurgeon, Denley on Unreleased
  14. Callin' by Yugi Boi, chromonicci, Oxthemoron on Callin' (Self-Released)
  15. Hands Don't Even Know by Phillipdrummond on (Soundcloud)
  16. just like heaven by tokay. on just like heaven (Self-Released)
  17. Llip Lich by Spote Breeze on Llip Lich (Hot Record Societé)
  18. Don't Wait in Line by Professa Gabel, Nunasa, Baghead on Don't Wait in Line (Old Soul Kollective)
  19. Destined (Prod. Dreego) by Dreego, Limon on Destined (Prod. Dreego) ((Soundcloud))
  20. Visitor / New Space (Side B) [Excerpt] by Matt Bloom on Visitor / New Space (77 Rise Recordings)
  21. Hello by Hello Peril on Always be My Maybe (Original Music from the Netflix Film) (Netflix Studios, LLC)
  22. ???? (prod. Toonorth) by Stanley Ipkuss on (Soundcloud)
  23. Grumble Yama by DJ Grumble, Go Yama on Grumble Yama (GrimeLab Inc.)
  24. Outcome//graced by hooligunn.hølmes on inveníre (beatsbyholmes)
  25. Blue Rain by Airlocke on Dreaming Casually (Self-Released)
  26. Government Dope (feat. Beeda Weeda, Casual) by Rap Noir on Rap Noir (Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings)
  27. Max Spliff by Professa Gabel, Nunasa, Baghead on Max Spliff (Old Soul Kollective)
  28. SECOND MOVE - THE BISHOP (Excerpt) by Teeko on SECOND MOVE - THE BISHOP (Self-Released)
  29. The City by Richie Cunning on Night Train (Son of the City)
  30. Oro by Graves on Hermit (Self-Released)
  31. flutters by bastrd on Bleeding Tree (Self-Released)
  32. Light Speed by DJ Quest-Questosahn on Biotronic (Reverse Techniques)
  33. 9th Street by Brant Jackson, Calioto, Audrey MiKa (237 record label)
  34. Here We Go by Monk HTS, DJ Platurn on Monday Morning (Audio Vandals LLC)
  35. Gone - Original Mix by Joe Mousepad on Levels (Self-Released)
  36. I Got 5 On It (Remix) by Luniz, Spice 1, Dru Down, Richie Rich, Shock G, E-40 on Yukmouth Presents: 420
  37. Steeplechase (Sittin on 22's) [Dan the Automator Remix] by Charlie Parker on Bird Up: The Charlie Parker Remix Project
  38. Control by WORK on Control (Self-Released)
  39. dyed like that by PIECES on don't go too far (True Indigo)