Tuff Signals


  1. Heart Mountain by Seablite on Grass Stains and Novacaine (Emotional Response)
  2. Any Girl / Bad Stuff by Gino and the Goons on Rip It Up (Slovenly Records)
  3. Ya No Queda Nadie by Mujeres on Romance Romantico (Self Released)
  4. Dazzle Paint by Institute on Readjusting the Locks (Sacred Bones Records)
  5. Taste by Ty Segall on First Taste (Drag City Records)
  6. Pop Occultism by Starship Infinity on Sixty-Nine Spaceships (Self Released)
  7. In the Dark by Summer Flake on Seasons Change (Rice Is Nice)
  8. Stay Cool by Rat Fancy on Stay Cool (Happy Birthday to Me Records)
  9. Stick N Poke by Palehound on Black Friday (Polyvinyl)
  10. Scream by Stef Chura on Midnight (Saddle Creek)
  11. Skinny Dipping by The Off Days on Only Human (Self Released)
  12. Every Target Can Afford to Wait by Soft Walls on Not as Bad as It Seems (Self Released)
  13. Kite Balloons by Honey Radar on Ruby Puff of Dust (What's Your Rupture)
  14. Memories by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  15. Not Good For Me by Zerodent on Tour EP (Alien Snatch Records)
  16. May I Interject by Repo Man on I Can Live With It If You Can, Son (Stolen Body Records)
  17. Fog Of Love by Rose City Band on Rose City Band (Self Released)
  18. Here Comes The Moon by The Tough Shits on Burning in Paradise (Burger Records)
  19. Pleasure by Frankie & The Witch Fingers on ZAM (Greenway)
  20. Parasite by Russian Baths (Self Released)
  21. Manana by Abjects on Never Give Up (Yippee Ki Yay)
  22. Aspiring To Be A Bloke by Possible Humans on Everybody Split (Trouble In Mind Records)
  23. Gift Shopping by Spirits Having Fun on Auto Portrait (Ramp Local)
  24. Orienteering by Great Deceivers on In Spirit (Self Released)
  25. Damaged Skull by Turn to Crime on Down in the Basement (Self Released)
  26. Tollbooth by FEELS on Post Earth (Wichita)
  27. I Think It Is Now Over by HOO on Centipede Wisdom (Graveface Records)
  28. Nothing Gets Me High by Bad Bad Hats on Lightning Round (Afternoon)
  29. Rio by Terry on Remember Terry (Self Released)
  30. We Are Free by Thee Oh Sees on Cool Death of Island Raiders (CastleFace Records)
  31. Your Punk Scene Can Suck It by Cereal Killer on The Beginning & End of Cereal Killer (Anti Fade)
  32. Gut Feeling by Sass on Chew Tow (Heavy Meadow Records)
  33. Burner by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Mon (Sheer Luck Records)
  34. Texas Instruments by Priests on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon Records)
  35. Distant Peaks by Church Girls on Cycles (Chatterbot Records)
  36. Sensitive Demon by Grim Streaker on No Vision (Self Released)