Tuff Signals


  1. Ghost Days by Sonny and the Sunsets on Hairdressers from Heaven (Rocks in Your Head Records)
  2. What's So Wrong by Sacred Paws on Run Around the Sun (Merge Records)
  3. Up There by Turn To Crime on Down in the Basement (Self Released)
  4. Digital Dan by Mike Donovan on Exurbian Quonset (Drag City Records)
  5. My Life in Egypt by France Camp on Dark Floral (Forged Artifacts)
  6. Dance by Duplo (NadaNada Disco)
  7. Abolition by Kaleidoscope on After the Futures... LP (La Visa Es Un Mus)
  8. Daddi by Cherry Glazerr on Daddi (Reggie Watts Remix) (Secretly Canadian)
  9. You Wanted My Drugs (more) by TV Party (Burger Records)
  10. Pits by Nicfit on Nicfit / M.A.Z.E Split (Episode Sounds)
  11. Weird Little Idea by Radiator Hospital on Sings "Music for Daydreaming" (Self Released)
  12. Always Right by Table Scraps on Autonomy (Zen Ten)
  13. Lily by The Mad Walls on Somewhere, Anywhere (Burger Records)
  14. Find Out for Ourselves by Proto Idiot on Find Out for Ourselves (Third Uncle Records)
  15. Tired by Pip Blom on Boat (Heavenly / PIAS)
  16. Content Jungle by Dumb on Club Nites (Mint)
  17. Twin Cities by The Gotobeds on Debt Begins at 30 (Gerald Cosloy)
  18. Stray Dogs by Golden Pelicans on Grinding for Gruel (Self Released)
  19. Icebox by Rye Pine on Roll with the Urchins (King Pizza Records)
  20. Fine Grind by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  21. La Luz by Los Dead Dreams (Self Released)
  22. Watch You Shine by Gino and the Goons on Rip It Up (Slovenly Records)
  23. Psycho Eyes by M.A.Z.E. on Nicfit / M.A.Z.E. Split (Episode Sounds)
  24. Attention by Die Group on Disease Control (Burger Records)
  25. Candy Candy Sugar Sugar Baby by Hammered Satin on Velvet Vortex (Burger Records)
  26. Decoration / Currency by Girl Friday on Fashion Conman (Hardly Art Records)
  27. Cyan Blue by Magic Wands (Self Released)
  28. Empathy by Haybaby on They Get There (Tiny Engines)
  29. Cowboy by halfsour on Sticky (Disposable America)
  30. Lake Tahoe by Mihya on World's Biggest Crush (Heavy Meadow Records)
  31. Your Style by Angie on The Underling (DERO Arcade)
  32. Teenage Waistline by Positive No on Teenage Waistline (Self Released)
  33. Nice Things by Sass on Chew Toy (Heavy Meadows Records)
  34. Eco-Verb by WURVE on Memory Bleach (Burger Records)
  35. False Anthem by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No (Tiny Engines)
  36. Metal & Glue by POW! on Shift (Castle Face Records)
  37. Time The Destroyer by The Appleseed Cast on The Fleeting Light of Impermanence (Graveface Records)
  38. Paralyzed Waltz by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Weird Glow (Burger Records)