Tuff Signals 218


  1. Nekrodisco by Prettiest Eyes on Vol. 3 (CastleFace Records)
  2. Rocks by Post Pink on No Problem, Probably (Self Released)
  3. False Anthem by Summer Cannibals on False Anthem (Tiny Engines)
  4. Disobey by POW! on Shift (CastleFace Records)
  5. Waiting For 2020 by Corner Boys on Waiting for 2020 LP (Drunken Sailor Records)
  6. The Great Depression by The Staches on Great Depression (Six Tonnes de Chair Records)
  7. Are You Into Me by Swim Team on Home Time (Self Released)
  8. Bon Voyage by New Swears on Night Mirror (Self Released)
  9. Salty by Slush on Slush EP (Hysterical Records)
  10. How Long Do I Let it Go by Telethon on Hard Pop (Take This to Heart)
  11. Things Still Left To Say by Mal Blum on Things Still Left To Say (Don Giovanni Records)
  12. Chicane by Casper Skulls on Mercy Works (Buzz Records)
  13. Sacramento by Carly Beth on Carly Beth (Rat King Records)
  14. Path of Totality by Tijuana Panthers on Carpet Denim (Innovative Leisure)
  15. Las Estrellas Se Quiebran by Agua Viva on El Hechizo de la Luna (Self Released)
  16. Falling by Dude York on Falling (Hardly Art)
  17. Heavy Air by Nylex on S/T (Tenth Court)
  18. Gacked On Anger by Amyl and the Sniffers on Amyl and the Sniffers (ATO Reocrds)
  19. Have A Heart by Dreamsalon on Staine EP (Self Released)
  20. I Want by B Boys on Dudu (Captured Tracks)
  21. Woman Alone by Nots on 3 (Goner Records)
  22. Shelled Pagans by Vacation on Zen Quality Seed Crystal (Salinas Records)
  23. Hank Williams by Pottery on No. 1 EP (Partisan Records)
  24. Can't Get Through to My Head by The Mystery Lights on Too Much Tension! (Wick Records)
  25. Temple of Boom by Tandoori Nights on Temple of Boom EP (Slovenly Records)
  26. Bonsai by Winter on Infinite Summer EP (Self Released)
  27. Chlorine by SadGirl on Water (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  28. Darjeeling by Barrie on Happy To Be Here (Winspear)
  29. Projection On A Sheet by It's Sunday on Tissue Issues (Howlin Banana Records)
  30. Pristine by Marietta on Cream Team EP (Born Bad Records)
  31. These Things Happen by Greys on Age Hasn't Spoiled You (Carpark Records)
  32. The Kiss by Double Grave on Ego Death Forever (Forged Artifacts)
  33. Chores by SIN BAD on Sin Bad Wig Split (Self Released)
  34. Over and Over by The Obsessives on The Obsessives Delux (Lame-O Records)
  35. Start a War by Speed Babes on tape:pink (What's for Breakfast)
  36. Fade by Decent Crimnial on Bliss (Wiretap Records)
  37. I Don't Want Anymore by Good Shade on Way Out (Dirtnap Records)
  38. Spread The Germicide by M.A.Z.E on Tour Tape (Self Released)