cheetle radio 7.5.19... home alone 6 days running

hello, cheetle. 

amber is off prancing in the woods, little nymph that she is. britt holds it down in the studio, playin all her favorite tunes of the moment. rock out with jams from across the pond, new stuff from moon duo, nate mercereau, and prettiest eyes. goth-jazzy-fresh. dig it!


the cheetles.


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  1. i got friends by warmduscher on whale city (the leaf label) $ Buy
  2. tastes good with the money by fat white family on serfs up! (domino) $ Buy
  3. stars are the light by moon duo on stars are the light (sacred bones) $ Buy
  4. mark e. moon by al lover on dark matter discotheque (banquet records) $ Buy
  5. congratulations by clinic on wheeltrappers and shunters (domino recording company) $ Buy
  6. baseline by suuns on felt (secretly canadian) $ Buy
  7. righteous energy by nate mercereau on this simulation is a good one (how so records) $ Buy
  8. cliff has left the building by insecure men on insecure men (fat possum) $ Buy
  9. fredag by dungen on 4 (subliminal records) $ Buy
  10. Beta Male by Ulrika Spacek on The Album Paranoia (Tough Love) $ Buy
  11. goatfuzz by goat on requiem (sub pop) $ Buy
  12. earth moon by MIEN on MIEN (rocket recordings) $ Buy
  13. self hypnosis in 3 days by wand on golem (in the red) $ Buy
  14. sweet saturn mine by the moonlandingz on interplanetary class classics (transgressive records) $ Buy
  15. fine flow by the entrance band on face the sun (beyond beyond is beyond) $ Buy
  16. whiskey train by sonic jesus on memories (sonic jesus records) $ Buy
  17. say hello by fuzz on II (in the red) $ Buy
  18. flies bump against the glass by thee oh sees on smote reverser (castle face) $ Buy
  19. it cost's to be austere by prettiest eyes on volume 3 (castle face) $ Buy
  20. metal & glue by POW! on shift (castle face) $ Buy
  21. born into the badge by Ausmuteants on ...Present The World in Handcuffs (Anti-Fade Records) $ Buy
  22. voices of the paranoid by zig zags on zig zags (in the red) $ Buy
  23. Plastic at Home by Flat Worms on Into the Iris (Drag City) $ Buy