Casually Crying - Episode 79 - Conserve, Angelboy + the Halos, Outer District, Carlie Mari

hiii. this week we listen to a bunch of rad local bands who are playing at twin shrieks this year! (july 27th and 28th) tune in to hear all the deets and definitely snag your ticket asap because they're going fast!

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  1. Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Curtis Lee on --
  2. Sinfony by Smashing Pumpkins on --
  3. Break
  4. Long Lungs by Kevin Nichols on Long Lungs (Slang Church)
  5. I Don't Wanna Die but I Wanna Die by Kevin Nichols on I Don't Wanna Die but I Wanna Die (Open Door Records)
  6. Goosey by Dylans on Warm Spot
  7. Houseplant by Dylans on Warm Spot
  8. Early Morning Duties by Conserve on Conserve (Conserve)
  9. Salty Sweet by Conserve on Salty Sweet (Paperhouse Records)
  10. Break
  11. Never Truly Satisfied by Damper on Never Truly Satisfied (Damper)
  12. Interlude by Damper on All We Have to Do (Damper)
  13. Dead Dogs by 7-11 Jesus on Nothing Feels Right Anymore (Animal Testing Records)
  14. D.D.D.D by 7-11 Jesus on Nothing Feels Right Anymore (Animal Testing Recods)
  15. They / Them by Dylan Mattioda on Jeez, Mom, Don't Cry
  16. Trying Too Hard by Dylan Mattioda on Jeez, Mom, Don't Cry
  17. Break
  18. Bonus by Angelboy + the Halos on Second Strong Boy (Angelboy + the Halos)
  19. Every Time by Angelboy + The Halos on Second Strong Boy (Angelboy + the Halos)
  20. Cirrus by Chives Viria on Taro (Chives Viria)
  21. Whiskey Cowboy by Outer District on Whiskey Cowboy
  22. F_ckboyblues by Carlie Mari on F_ckboyblues
  23. Sweet Setting Sun by Carlie Mari on Bitch Like Me (Carlie Mari)
  24. Break
  25. Scruffy by Torrey on Sister (Torrey)
  26. Sugar by Stary Eyed Cadet on Places We Don't Belong (Stary Eyed Cadet)
  27. Dance by The Umbrellas on Maritime E.P. (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  28. P.U.N.K. Girl by Heavenly on Atta Girl (Sarah Records)
  29. Love is Overrated by Lunch Ladies on Down on Sunset Strip (Good Eye Records)
  30. Midnight Cowboy by Surf Curse on Midnight Cowboy (Danger Collective)
  31. Break
  32. Fire For You by Cannons on Fire For You (Antifragile Music)
  33. Stop Talking by Miya Folick on Premonitions (Interscope Records)
  34. Jamz by SALES on Jamz (SALES)
  35. Hit or Miss by BOYO on Dance Alone (Danger Collective)
  36. Numb by Men I Trust on Numb (Independent)
  37. Tenderness by Jay Som on Tenderness (Polyvinyl Record Co)
  38. Break
  39. Aaron by Palehound on Black Friday (Polyvinyl)
  40. Ann's Jam by Chastity Belt on Ann's Jam (Hardly Art)
  41. All the Things by Emily Yacina on Overflow (Emily Yacina)
  42. Perfect Shapes by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)