clementine & garagey tracks from australia and other ones


  1. Last Year by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland)
  2. Stand And Stare by Royal Headache (Matador)
  3. Mother Earth by Useless Eaters (Jeffery Drag)
  4. Bad Decisions by Bitch Prefect on Big Time (Bedroom Suck)
  5. Time... by Chook Race on About Time (Self Released)
  6. Sex After Death by Occults on Self Titled (No Patience)
  7. Less For You by Man The Hunter (Ginkgo)
  8. Every Day by Kitchen's Floor on Look Forward To Nothing (Bedroom Suck)
  9. Two Weeks by Scott & Charlene's Wedding on Peak Twins Split (Night People)
  10. Don't Ask Why by Violent Change on Self Titled (Catholic Guilt)
  11. Twozza by Clag on Choose Your Own A-Side (Bedroom Suck)
  12. Bugs by Sink Tapes on Creases (Mint 400)
  13. Back To The Flood by Blank Realm on Grassed Inn (Fire)
  14. Clean Up by Evans The Death on Expect Delays (Slumberland)
  15. Stranger by Twerps on Range Anxiety (Merge)
  16. Always by Woollen Kits on Self Titled (RIP Society)
  17. Shadow of Your Step by The Mantles on Long Enough To Leave (Slumberland)
  18. How Will I Know by Man The Hunter on RIP Whitney (Self Released)