The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Probe 7 & DJ Style (Las Vegas) 7/23/19


  1. Falling Into Darkness by Probe 7 on Strange Angels
  2. Wait Move On by Iris on Awakening
  3. Dead Stars (Version) by Covenant on United States of Mind
  4. Nature's Interface by Haujobb on Solutions for a Small Planet
  5. Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love And Rockets on Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
  6. No Words by Probe 7 on Strange Angels
  7. One Hundred Years by The Cure on Pornography
  8. The Trauma Coil by Faith And The Muse on Elyria
  9. New Dream by HIDE on Hell is Here
  10. Puerta al Crematorio by Diavol Strâin on Demonio
  11. Flood II by The Sisters Of Mercy on Floodland
  12. Baby Turns Blue (12 Inch Version) by Virgin Prunes
  13. Placebo by Probe 7 on Strange Angels
  14. Oxytocin by Drab Majesty on Modern Mirror