Louise Episode 23 - Dust a Sound

Good Morning. This is Louise. Episode 23 - Dust a Sound

Programmed by Touch Touch Publishing

with music by  Talking Heads, Super Beagle, Gene Farris, Dreezy, Schizopolitans, Tiffany Gouche, BOSCO, Maya B, St. Beauty, VanJess, KAYTRANADA, The Knife, Fever Ray, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Xiu Xiu, Blossom & HOT16, David Bowie, Yoko Ono, and Blondie

with sound and dialogue from the TV shows, Good Times and Taxi

also featuring the voices and ideas of Juliet Small Ernst, Willow the Whisp reading Frankenstein in a whisper, and David Bowie being interviewed at various stages of his career (thank you Nacho Video).

and featuring a binaural relaxation recording by Greenred Productions


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  2. Dust a Sound Boy by Super Beagle on Reggae Anthology: Winston Riley - Quintessential Techniques (VP Music Group, Inc)
  3. Welcome to Chicago by Gene Farris on Welcome to Chicago EP (Defected Records Ltd)
  4. Ecstasy (feat. Jeremih) by Dreezy on Big Dreez (Interscope Records)
  5. Dreamer 2 by Dreezy on Schizo (Aoe Inc.)
  6. All This Time by Schizopolitans on Episode 19: The Beast (Hybernation School)
  7. Not Feelin' you by Tiffany Gouche on LionHeart (Remastered) (Independent)
  8. Cruel by BOSCO (Fool's Gold Records)
  9. Getty Woah by Maya B (Soulpower Productions/Capitol Records; UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  10. Not Discuss It (feat. Triza) [Remix] by St. Beauty on Running to the Sun: The ReWERC - EP (The Wondaland Arts Society, LLC / EMPIRE)
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  13. Like a Pen (Demo) by The Knife on Like a Pen (Remixes) (Rabid Records Under Exclusive License to Brille Records Ltd)
  14. Plunge (Faka Remix) by Fever Ray (Rabid/Mute)
  15. Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits on Rain Dogs (The Island Def Jam Music Group)
  16. Ascending by PJ Harvey on All About Eve (Original Music) (Lakeshore Records)
  17. Arpeggio Waltz by PJ Harvey on All About Eve (Original Music) (Lakeshore Records)
  18. 5Ive by Schizopolitans on Episode 19: The Beast (Hybernation School)
  19. Audrey's Dance by Xiu Xiu on Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
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  24. Crosseyed and Painless (Alternate Version) by Talking Heads on Bonus Rarities & Outtakes (Sire Records)
  25. Knife - Let's Talk About Gender Baby, Let's Talk About You And Me (Planningtorock rework) - 03 - Raging Lung (Hannah Holland remix) by The Knife on gender baby ep (DFA Records)
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