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18.2 Very clear, all of a sudden

Wanting an end to patriarchy is not the same as not liking men.
Wanting an end to white supremacy is not the same as not liking white people.

Men, white people–
Will there be a major shift of power
That to you will feel like a relative loss?
You bet your ass there will be.

And depending on how ready you feel for that shift
And the attitude you start cultivating toward it NOW
That loss might also feel like
A wound
An assault.

But you’re just going to have to deal with that.
The way marginalized people
Have been dealing with it
For a long, long time.
And dealing with it
Quite gracefully, might I add.

You’ll survive.
In fact, you might figure out you can survive
Much more fully and skillfully
Than you realized was possible
Since now you’re being asked to do more
And less is being handed to you
And you’re actually going to have to care about other people’s feelings
And you’ll have to figure out
What you actually feel
And have to offer
That’s of use to everybody.

That’s like being handed the opportunity
To live a REAL, GOOD life!
Are you hearing me??

You might also finally figure out
That the power you once enjoyed
Was a cheap, perishable kind of power
That was only possible on the backs
And suffering
Of everyone underneath you.
Is that even the kind of power you want?

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Juliet Small Ernst
This is Louise

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