baystrife episode 49


  1. Me & Yung Gud R Really Good Friends by HAYDN
  2. Ayo For Yayo by Andre Nickatina on Never Back Down
  3. Made Me by Snootie Wild (Kittens Remix)
  4. Ceremony (Chromatics Cover) by New Order on Black And White (Italians Do It Better)
  5. She Don't Need To Know by Yung Jake
  6. 9 by Willow & SZA on 3
  7. Forever by Majid Jordan on A Place Like This (OVO)
  8. Ecco by Magic Fades on Push Thru (1080p)
  9. Ceremony by Feral on Relay
  10. Restless by Rahel on Alkali
  11. Tie by Cuushe
  12. Gone by Triniti
  13. Extinction by Purple (Wedidit)
  14. Love Obscene by Headlock
  15. HTRX9 by Hysterics on Hysterics EP (Night Slugs)
  16. Discipline 1982 by Egyptrixx on Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]
  17. Phlegm by Lotic on Heterocetra (TriAngle Records)
  18. Death After Life VI by Thug Entrancer on Death After Life (Kemado Records)
  19. Black Sea by Dutch E Germ on IN.RAK.DUST (UNO NYC)
  20. Phoenix by Hyetal on Broadcast
  21. Bloody Eye by Rabit (TriAngle Records)
  22. As Angels Rig Hook by Amnesia Scanner