BwGN AM Mixtape #103 – The one where we raid the studio collection... again, w/ Lily S.

You probably didn't know this, but my radio neighbor Lily Sloan and I share the same birthday. So, for this week's extra special mixtape (which just happened to fall on the day we both turned thirty-something-ish), we returned to the concept of our first show together: #36 – The one we rifle through the studios collection. Once more, we pulled albums (largely at random) off the music library shelves and played them for your... enjoyment? Thanks for putting up with us (again)!

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  1. Dirty Teenage Love Thoughts by Lily Cedar on Sleeper (Extra Small)
  2. Born to Die by Wild Throne on Harvest of Darkness (Roadrunner)
  3. Go Outside by Be Calm Honcho on Honcho Dreams (Crossbill)
  4. Millennial Malaise by Andrew St. James on The "Big Ole Veronica Apology Record" (Island Jar)
  5. Always by David Haerle on Garden of Edendale (Edendale)
  6. Hello Earth by Art Robinson on Earth 9 (Eye Art)
  7. Snooze by The Matinees on Make the Leap (Snowstorm)
  8. Possibly Maybe by Björk on Post (Elektra)
  9. Ciudad del Mar by Francoiz Breut on Live (self released)
  10. Leo's Mouth / Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Shit by Antsy Pants on Antsy Pants (Plan-It-X)
  11. Solar Energy by Pretty and Nice on Get Young (Hardly Art)
  12. I am the Walrus by The Beatles on Magical Mystery Tour (EMI)
  13. Libre y Serena by Diana Gameros on Diana Gameros (self released)
  14. Area Woman by The Shitty Listener on Crying Sweater (Rural Faune)
  15. Ornette Coleman: Broken Shadows by Patrick Wolff Trio on Petals (Big Bad)
  16. When Day Chokes the Night by Do Make Say Think on Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead (Constellation)
  17. Open Palms by Upside Drown on Mood Music (self released)
  18. The Harrowing of Hell by All My Pretty Ones on All My Pretty Ones (self released)
  19. Doideca by Caetano Veloso on Livro (Nonesuch)