#StandWithKashmir with Baqvas

Today's show is dedicated to shining a light on what is happening in Kashmir and what you can do about it. This will be interspersed between tracks by Kashmiris. 

On August 5, 2019, the entire valley of Kashmir was forced under complete lockdown —  all internet and phone services were cut by the Indian government. During that time, the Indian government revoked Article 370. This article gave Kashmir autonomy in all areas except defense, communication, and foreign policy. This is an effort to bring Kashmir under direct rule of India and make a Hindu state out of it -- Kashmir is primarily a Muslim state. This is a strategy in mind by India's current Hindu fascist government. Kashmir has been fighting for independence for a long time. 


Taking Action


Music Video: Signs of the Times - Mu'Azzam Bhat

Music Video: Mouj - Econ - Kashur - Kashur Hip Hop

This Heavenly Sufi Rap From Kashmir Is Unlike Anything You've Heard Before

Music Video: Ha Gulo, Qasamir, Coke Studio Explorer 2018

Live Recording: Best traditional Kashmiri song performed by unknown street singer in srinagar kashmir

Music Video: MAYI CHANI (A song for the love of Kashmir)


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  1. Az Doh Zindagi by Econ on Kashur (Self Released) $ Buy
  2. Waqt Ki Alaamat by Mu'Azzam Bhat Kashmir on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. Family Portrait by MC Kash on Rebel RepubliK (Self Released) $ Buy
  4. Mouj by Econ on Kashur - Kashur Hip Hop (Self Released) $ Buy
  5. Everyday Hustle [50 Bars] by MC Kash on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  6. Like A Sufi by MC Kash & Alif on Singlw (Flying Carpet Productions) $ Buy
  7. Ha Gulo by Qasamir on Coke Studio Explorer 2018 (Coke Studio) $ Buy
  8. Best traditional Kashmiri song performed by unknown street singer in srinagar kashmir by Unknown Street Singer on Field Recording (Self Released) $ Buy
  9. Break
  10. MAYI CHANI (A song for the love of Kashmir) by Ali Saffudin on Single (Self Released) $ Buy