Ep.75 09.08.19 (New Decisions)


  1. Elapsed Paradise by Celer on Alcoves (Celer)
  2. love & reb1111rth - angel mix by x/o on cocoon egg (Quantum Natives)
  3. Blue Garden by Roberto Musci on Tower of Silence (Music From Memory)
  4. PLURA FORCE by The Newcomer on EARTH MOTIVATION (Beatrice & Annie)
  5. Saint by Bjork, Arca on Utopia (One Little Indian)
  6. The Dream People by Deep Nalstrom on Naive Melodies (Natural Selection)
  7. Hanging Gardens by Marble on Elixir of Immortality (Natural Selections)
  8. II by Rupert Clervaux, Beatrice Dillon on Studies I-XVII for Samplers and Percussion (Snow Dog Records)
  9. Oo Nu Dah by Anna Holmer, Steve Moshier on Breadwoman & Other Tales (RVNG Intl.)
  10. Lemanja by Radiante Pourpre on II (Antinote)
  11. Shallow, Shadowless by Earthen Sea on Grass and Trees (kranky)
  12. Buffering Landscape by Kara-Lis Coverdale, LXV on Sirens (Umor-Rex)
  13. Underwater Garden by Celestial Trax on Serpent Power (True Aether)
  14. All Hands Bury The Dead by Wilson Tanner on II (Efficient Space)
  15. Claiming Air Rights by M. Sage on Catch a Blessing (Geographic North)
  16. Anterograde Stone Remedy by Imaginary Softwoods on Gold Fiction Loop Garden (Field Records)
  17. Kalapa Garden by Young Marco on Bahasa (Island Of The Gods)
  18. Book of Life by Masayoshi Fujita on Book of Life (Erased Tapes Records Ltd.)
  19. How A Spiral Works by ASUNA, Jan Jelinek on Signals Bulletin (Faitiche)
  20. Meow by Motohiro Nakashima on And I Went To Sleep (Lo Recordings)
  21. Frankfurt by HNNY on 2014.12.31 (HNNY)
  22. Words Can't Explain - Yu Su Remix by Hidden Spheres on Words Can't Explain (feat. Oscar Jerome) (Church)
  23. Power To The People by Octo Octa on Resonant Body (T4T LUV NRG)