Abuela's Pantry #121


  1. You're All Invited by Bruiser and Bicycle on You're All Invited (self-released)
  2. earth sign by hate club on a clear mistake (fivekill)
  3. un mensaje by insignificant other on i'm so glad i feel this way about you (Counter Intuitive)
  4. Bad Spanish by Nervous Dater on Don't Be a Stranger (Counter Intuitive Records)
  5. Symbiotic Harmony by Woolbright on Busybody Lazybones (Whelmed)
  6. Abuela Zombie by Yucatán A Go-Go on Canciones Basura (Fornate Latino)
  7. Break
  8. borderline by Pool Kids on Music to Practice Safe Sex To (Skeletal Lightning)
  9. Scott Get The Van, I'm Moving by Cayetana on Nervous Like Me (Tiny Engines)
  10. Sleeping Beauty by Martha on Courting Strong (Fortuna Pop!)
  11. I Don't Know by Plumtree on Mass Teen Fainting (Cinnamon Toast Records)
  12. way to go by cub on box of hair (mint)
  13. Wish I'd Kept a Scrap Book by Tullycraft on Old Traditions, New Standards (Darla Records)
  14. my love will not let you down by Eux Autres on broken bow (Bons Mots)
  15. Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) by Airport Girl on More Soul Than Wigan Casino (fortuna pop)
  16. uncool jerk by milky wimpshake on Heart And Soul In The Milky Way (fortuna pop!)
  17. I Don't Love You by Free Loan Investments on Ever Been to Mexico? (Shelflife Records)
  18. Julie Jane by The Besties on Home Free (https://thebesties.bandcamp.com/album/home-free)
  19. Hearts & Crosses by heavenly on The Decline and Fall of Heavenly (Sarah)
  20. me and my madness by heavenly on The Decline and Fall of Heavenly (Sarah)
  21. Wonder by The Springfields on Glass Arcade (Sarah)
  22. Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7 by Sincere Engineer on Rhombithian (Red Scare)
  23. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge by Black Tambourine on Black Tambourine (Slumberland Records)
  24. TINY PLANETS - remastered by REMEMBER SPORTS on sunchokes (father/daughter)
  25. ignore it by Lisa Prank on Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter Records)
  26. memory by Vivian Girls on Memory (Polyvinyl)
  27. second act by varsity on second act (self-released)
  28. gabriel by Y La Bamba on Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving Empire)
  29. My Boyfriend's In The Band by Devendra Banhart on Ma (nonesuch)
  30. When the Fires Come by Kero Kero Bonito on When The Fires Come (Polyvinyl)
  31. en invierno by la ligas menores on Fuego Artificial (Sonido Muchacho)
  32. hey i'm gonna be your girl by the donnas on Greatest Hits Vol. 16 (Purple Feather Records)
  33. home team by Indigo De Souza on I love my mom (Self-Released)
  34. Waiting for the Call by Color TV on Anybody's Girl (self-released)
  35. Be My Friend by Phil From Accounting on IF YOU'RE READING THIS, PLEASE CALL MOM (S/R)
  36. only child by shay park on i'm not what you expect
  37. Owner of a Lonely Heart by Jenn Champion on Owner of a Lonely Heart (Hardly Art ‎)
  38. 30 Minutes by Sass on Chew Tow (Heavy Meadow Records)
  39. Moon Baby Sun Star by Lala Lala on Sleepyhead (Lala Lala)
  40. So I'm Told by Calicoco on float
  41. What I Like About You by The Romantics on What I LIke About You (CBS)
  42. I'll Be Your Girl by Carly Rae Jepsen on Dedicated (Schoolboy/Interscope)