B-Side Dreams 174 - w/guest Greg Ashley

This week on B-Side Dreams my guest is musician, engineer/producer, and writer Greg Ashley. Ashley was a member of the psychedelic band the Gris Gris, and has since released several solo albums. He recently published a book, Greg Ashley’s Anecdotes. After several years living in Oakland recording bands at the Creamery and an adjacent old church, Ashley is soon returning to his native Texas where he will build a recording studio in a central, rural area with his father and continue using the Creamery name.  📸: Photo of Greg by Roadhouse.


  1. 23rd Street Demo by Greg Ashley on Demo (Self)
  2. Radio MDMA by Greg Ashley
  3. Getting Loose by Dick Stusso on Getting Loose (Hardly Art 2018)
  4. Gotta Live with It by The Passionistas
  5. Bullshit Society by Greg Ashley on Pictures of Saint Paul Street (Trouble in Mind 2017)
  6. Mortal Secret by La Dee Da on Under Weather (https://ladeeda.bandcamp.com/)
  7. Aligator Man by Charlie Megira on The End of Teenage (Numero Group 2019)
  8. From Hazel to Yellow by Greg Ashley
  9. Don't Lie by The Mantles on The Mantles (Siltbreeze 2009)