BHAKTI (LOVE) FEST | Porangui, Jai Uttal, DJ Drez, Fantuzzi, MC Yogi, Mikey Pauker

Back in the Bhakti! 🌈Discover tunes and tales from Bhakti Fest, which was last weekend in Joshua Tree, CA, including lots of kirtan (chanting songs) and conscious music -- learn all about it with Mz Prizm! Bhakti means love, or devotion, in Sanskrit. And find out where you can get a taste of this vibe right here in San Francisco. 

  • Jai Uttal is playing Yoga Tree Castro Sun Nov. 10th
  • Laughing Lotus yoga studio is celebrating its birthday with a kirtan party on the n
  • Catch the Navaratri ceremonies (celebrating the divine feminine) tonight and tomorrow at and look up the schedule at your other local Hindu temples or ashrams!

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  1. Believe - Kr3ture Remix by Mikey Pauker, KR3TURE on Believe (Kr3ture Remix) (Mikey Pauker Music) $ Buy
  2. Danza del Viento - El Búho Remix by Poranguí, El Búho on Poranguí Remixes Vol II (Desert Trax, Sol Creations Publishing) $ Buy
  3. Ganesha by Poranguí on Poranguí (Poranguí) $ Buy
  4. Making Space by Making Space on Explorers of Infinity (Nectar Drop) $ Buy
  5. Son of Shiva Omstrumental by Son of Shiva Omstrumental on Elephant Powered Omstrumentals (White Swan Records) $ Buy
  6. Primordial Swamp Beat by Jai Uttal on Roots, Rock, Rama! (Mantraology) $ Buy
  7. Blue Shiva by Blue Shiva on Tejase (Rob and Melissa) $ Buy
  8. Om Mani Padme Hum by Marti Nikko, DJ Drez on Dreaming in Sanskrit (Nectar Drop) $ Buy
  9. Maha Devi by Marti Nikko, DJ Drez on Dreaming in Sanskrit (Nectar Drop) $ Buy
  10. Shiva Como Shango by Fantuzzi on Tribal Revival (Fantuzzi) $ Buy
  11. Permanent Holiday by Mike Love on The Change I'm Seeking (Love Not War Records) $ Buy
  12. Lokah by Amritakripa on Dancing Lotus (Graceful Productions) $ Buy
  13. Same Sun by Girish on Sky of the Heart (Mondolaya Music) $ Buy
  14. Durga by Joss Jaffe, Jaya Lakshmi on Dub Mantra Sangha (Joss Jaffe) $ Buy
  15. Chashm e SaQi by SaQi, Fanna-Fi-Allah on Temples in the Sky (Jumpsuit Records) $ Buy
  16. Krsna Govinda (DJ Drez Remix) by Kirtaniyas, Jai Uttal on Krsna Govinda (Remixes) (Kirtaniyas) $ Buy
  17. Mahamantra Hare Krishna Hare Rama by Govind Das & Radha on Lunar Mantras (Endless Summer Surrender Music) $ Buy
  18. Fantuzzi Live at Bhakti Fest by Fantuzzi on live recording from bhakti fest (bhakti fest live recording) $ Buy