The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #178

quite upbeat and dancey this week, starting off with a couple of vocal tracks even!

Local Artist and FREE LOVE get the bangers started before veering out into some breakcore via Vytear, W00dy and Venetian Snares; We got some local SF beat heads, we got some Soul II Soul, Renick Bell, Kindohm, and all yer live coding favs! 


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  1. Boys Cry by Local Artist on Touch Tone (Visit $ Buy
  2. Glue by Lee Gamble on Exhaust (Visit $ Buy
  3. Bones by FREE LOVE on Extreme Dance Anthems (Visit $ Buy
  4. Labir Dey_M2 by Vytear on Kingtrips EP1 (Visit $ Buy
  5. We All Want the Same Thing by W00DY on My Diary (Visit $ Buy
  6. Aqap by Venetian Snares on Greg Hates Car Culture (Visit $ Buy
  7. Endorfiend by Elmono on Cooper's Dream EP (-) $ Buy
  8. Callam Auzy the Gabber by Regular Citizen on Sleeping Unique (Visit $ Buy
  9. B2L by KG & Scratchclart on The Classix (Visit $ Buy
  10. Back To Life (Single Edit) by Soul II Soul on Club Classics Vol. One (-) $ Buy
  11. WITHOUT YOU by eighty9s on The Sunset (Visit $ Buy
  12. ago by Yuk. on Paraiso - EP (Visit $ Buy
  13. birdie (feat. KEYAH/BLU) by Denzel Himself on gotha (Visit $ Buy
  14. Sexual Fibrillation by Dora the Extruder on Dog Matrix (Visit $ Buy
  15. JXTRUOL (all roads lead to romanze?) by SIMARA & YASHA on hologram summer (Visit $ Buy
  16. music for jet skis pt. 1 by Sharp Veins on gros recurs (Visit $ Buy
  17. Snake Eyes by Doctor Jeep on Snake Eyes (-) $ Buy
  18. Colapso by El Irreal Veintiuno on Poliformo (Visit $ Buy
  19. Gila The Unlucky Woodpecker Falls From A Trellis by Renick Bell & Fis on Emergence Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  20. This Can't Be It by Kindohm on Meme Booth (Conditional) $ Buy
  21. Waco by Piezo on Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay (-) $ Buy
  22. B 2the B by Itoa on Persuasive Percussion (Visit $ Buy
  23. B More Ravey Girl by Ghostwhip on Posse Up Vol. Four (Visit $ Buy
  24. ??? by Chuan on Tell Dem / ??? - ZZAAPP SEVENS 01 (Visit $ Buy
  25. PPS21 by rRoxymore on Face to Phase (Visit $ Buy
  26. Cyclops by Heavy Lifting on Thanks For Watching (-) $ Buy