The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #177

some seriously good gear, this week, with new releases on Sapling Records, FLUF, Presto?, Haunter Conditional, Lucky Me, and some news on Algorithmic Art Assembly 2020! Get in!


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  1. Internals Comp 2 by VASE on Lock Phase Variations (Visit $ Buy
  2. Pursuit by E91 on Posse Up Vol. Four (Visit $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Reset by VASE on Lock Phase Variations (Visit $ Buy
  5. Algo-Nave by Renick Bell & Fis on Emergence Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  6. Get Out 9 by Pita on Get Out (Visit $ Buy
  7. Arf by Peter Seligman on Dropup (Visit $ Buy
  8. x8ud3h by Scld on Feall Beul (Visit $ Buy
  9. Fuersieerihn by Wolff Parkinson White on ErSieIhnum (Visit $ Buy
  10. Pax by Doctor Jeep on Snake Eyes (-) $ Buy
  11. The Shermi Paradox by Elmono on Cooper's Dream EP (-) $ Buy
  12. Touchie Riddim Pt.4 by Mosca on Touchie Riddim EP (Visit $ Buy
  13. Volt air, part I (2003) by Curtis Roads on Point Line Cloud (Visit $ Buy
  14. Ammonia Seas by Mathiasen on A Grace Beyond Our Skies (Visit $ Buy
  15. Alter-Rate 4 by Automatisme on Rate (Visit $ Buy
  16. forced preparation by dog jetski on summer minidisc (Visit $ Buy
  17. Look How Hard I've Tried by Barker on Debiasing (Ostgut Ton) $ Buy
  18. Ge(o) by CNDSD & Turning Torso on Acropolis (Visit $ Buy
  19. a simple procedure by Jeff Carey on single units (Visit $ Buy
  20. London Ting // Dark As Fuck ft Le3 bLACK by Loraine James on For You and I (Hyperdub) $ Buy
  21. Panzerism by ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH on forever (Visit $ Buy
  22. Konzskips V3 Part 3_M4 by Vytear on Kingtrips EP1 (Visit $ Buy
  23. Friend Suggestion by Kindohm on Meme Booth (Conditional) $ Buy
  24. birdie (feat. KEYAH/BLU) by Denzel Himself on gotha (LuckyMe) $ Buy
  25. Ephemeral by Turning Torso on Ephemeral (Visit $ Buy
  26. Bones by FREE LOVE on Extreme Dance Anthems (Optimo) $ Buy
  27. Tell Dem by Laptop Destroyer on Tell Dem / ??? - ZZAAPP SEVENS 01 (Visit $ Buy
  28. Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay by Piezo on Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay (-) $ Buy