Oct 26


  1. Human by Molly Sarlé on Human (Partisan Angels)
  2. Get Lost by Queen of Jeans on If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid (Topshelf)
  3. Off My Brain by Lots Holloway on Off My Brain (Self Released)
  4. Rare Thing by Frances Quinlan, Hop Along on Rare Thing (Saddle Creek)
  5. Kathy's Song by Westerman on Kathy's Song (PIAS)
  6. Telephone by CASTLEBEAT, Sonia Gadhia on Telephone (Spirit Goth)
  7. Seven Minutes by TOPS on Echo of Dawn / Seven Minutes (Self Released)
  8. Dreamy Eyes by Azure Blue on Rule of Thirds (Matinee Recordings)
  9. The Madison Girls by The Cleaners From Venus on Essex Princess (Mr Mule)
  10. You're So Cool by Jonathan Bree on Sleepwalking (Lil' Chief Records)
  11. Wait for You by Patience on The Pressure (Night School)
  12. Back Bar by The Ocean Party on Restless (Aloe Music)
  13. Ludlow (Do You Believe In Karma?) by Body Type on Body Type (Inertia Music)
  14. Footsteps by Modern Nature on How to Live (Bella Union)
  15. Sunny by P:ano on For the Kids Three (Nettwerk)