transfiguration #81 tropical winter


  1. No Tempo Da Cigarrinha by Síria on Hystereofônica Vol. 3
  2. Ethio (Original) by Akatana on Crazy Diamonds
  3. Oceans of the Moon (Wolf Müller Donkey Kong Beach Dub) by José Padilla on Jan Schulte Presents : Sorry for the Delay - Wolf Müller's Most Whimsical Remixes
  4. Miraggio by Giuliano Sorgini on Africa Oscura
  5. Furu Boyan (Kraut Remix) by Kraut
  6. Aroon by Mark Barrott on Nature Sounds of the Balearics
  7. Monroe Bumpa by Jayda G & Laylay on Monroe Bumpa / 186 Halin' (Loving Myself Mix)
  8. Camino de Flores by El Búho on Camino de Flores
  9. Second Skin by Valentino Mora on Transmagnetic
  10. Mundo Paralelo by DJ Raff on Resistencia
  11. Yayang by Beesmunt Soundsystem on Permanent Vacation 5
  12. Brazilian Space Agency by UNKNOWN ME on Astronauts
  13. Torm by Susobrino on MAPAJO
  14. Cosmic Swimmer (Soulwax Remix) by Tendts on Cosmic Swimmer
  15. Radio Yebeh by Mytron & Ofofo on Ceremony
  16. Mame's Story (feat. Mame Ndiack) by Auntie Flo on Radio Highlife
  17. Iyesa (Daisho Remix) by Penya on Super Liminal (Remixed)
  18. Sheherazade by Tora Vinter
  19. Uk74r1514020 by Aleksi Perälä on The Colundi Sequence Vol. 2
  20. Brothers by Kouslin
  21. Ojo Je (SMBD Rascal Dub) by Segun Adewale on Segun Adewale (Ben Gomori / SMBD Edits)
  22. Woza by Onipa on Open My Eyes
  23. Sauti Di Marimba by Qwasa Qwasa on Beating Heart - Afro Bass Vol.2
  24. Awakasi by Austin Ato on Beating Heart - Afro Deep (Vol.1)
  25. Saromosa by Perdu on Mystical Choices