World of Echo Episode 70


  1. "Instrumentals" Volume 2 by Arthur Russell on First Thought Best Thought (Audika)
  2. Welcome by Harmonia and Eno '76 on Tracks and Traces (Groenland Records)
  3. Grease Plant by Peter Luedeman & Pit Troja on The Now Generation: Percussive Underscores (Coloursound Vinyl)
  4. Jame Jam by Carl Stone on Himalaya (Unseen Worlds)
  5. Sylvia by Arthur Verocai on Arthur Verocai (WEA Internacional)
  6. Ay Curudu by Anadol on Uzun Havalar (Pingipung)
  7. Peripheral by Eartheater on Irisiri (PAN)
  8. John Fitz Rogers: Come Closer by Michael Harley on Come Closer (New Focus Recordings)
  9. Cool in the Pool by Holger Czukay on Movies (EMI Electrola GmbH)
  10. Ronco Symphony by Stereolab on The Groop Played "Spage Age Bachelor Pad Music" (American Recordings)