World of Echo Episode 71


  1. Happy Ending by Arthur Russell on World of Echo (Audika)
  2. Trance 2 by Agus MacLise, Tony Conrad, John Cale on The cloud doctrine (Sub Rosa)
  3. Unfinished Song by Charles Curtis on Performances & Recordings 1998-2018 (Saltern)
  4. Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) by Brian Eno on OHM+: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music (1948-1980) (Ellipsis Arts)
  5. Longcove Part I by Morgan Hendry on Longcove (self-released)
  6. Arp Jam by Michael C. Smith on Private Tape Vol. 3 (self-released)
  7. Deep Distance by Ashra on New Age of Earth (Isadora)
  8. Gosi by Mamman Sani on Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984 (Sahel Sounds)
  9. Salon De Musique by Su Tissue on Salon De Musique (Adversity Ltd)