The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #180

glitched out IDM and livecode sounds!


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  1. /ˈtʌɪmləs/ by CLD.RĀN on /ˈsʌndri/ (Visit $ Buy
  2. body language by Yuk. on Paraiso - EP (Visit $ Buy
  3. Apofenia ft. Siete Catorce by El Irreal Veintiuno on Poliformo (Visit $ Buy
  4. A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent by Amazondotcom on Mirror River (Visit $ Buy
  5. Nobody by Itoa on Persuasive Percussion (Visit $ Buy
  6. NICO by Mr. Mitch on Unreleased Dubs (-) $ Buy
  7. Corra Linn by Lanark Artefax on Corra Linn (Visit $ Buy
  8. åå˜çˆ´˜† √√å®ß by Aancient Vvars on AANCIENT v7437 (Visit $ Buy
  9. ASCII SNAKE by Nebulo on ASCII SNAKE (Visit $ Buy
  10. *I sider 25, thing ex by RM Francis on CODE889 (Visit $ Buy
  11. 0X1A by Ben Davis on Cycles (Visit $ Buy
  12. extra chewing by Peter Seligman on Dropup (Visit $ Buy
  13. The Chronicles of Renick by Renick Bell & Fis on Emergence Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  14. My Future ft Le3 bLACK by Loraine James on For You and I (Hyperdub) $ Buy
  15. Black by VASE on Lock Phase Variations (Visit $ Buy
  16. Shapes by Myriam Bleau on Lumens & Profits (Visit $ Buy
  17. Flexbox by Kindohm on Meme Booth (Conditional) $ Buy
  18. Part 1: The Occultation of 3C 273 - 2 by Mark Fell on UL8 (Visit $ Buy
  19. 03 by Slub on 20020116 (Visit $ Buy
  20. Voodoo Worrier by Dora the Extruder on Dog Matrix (Visit $ Buy
  21. Rhythm Study VI by Yaporigami on Rhythm Study V / Rhythm Study VI (Visit $ Buy
  22. Alter-Rate 5 by Automatisme on Rate (Visit $ Buy
  23. pitTHRUmyself by Sharp Veins on gros recurs (Visit $ Buy
  24. Word Beach by Sculpture (Visit $ Buy