The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #181

back in the studio after my London trip, ton of great new material, including tracks by Lee Gamble, Turning Torso, Vou, Trash Panda QC, and some classic DSP/IDM sounds via Kid606, Remote Viewer, Accelera Deck - and loads more - get in!


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  1. Tyre by Lee Gamble on Exhaust EP (Hyperdub) $ Buy
  2. 1918 by Vou on PFM Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  3. Roooo by Trash Panda QC on CODE845 (Visit $ Buy
  4. 320 by Turning Torso on CODE320 (Visit $ Buy
  5. Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine Remix) by Funkstörung on DEVINE EDGAR EP (Visit $ Buy
  6. BunOut by I Jahbar on Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash (-) $ Buy
  7. Boomba Bounce by EEZIR on Pulse Response (Visit $ Buy
  8. Stress Test by Stenny on Stress Test (Visit $ Buy
  9. When Prophecy Fails by Barker on Debiasing (Visit $ Buy
  10. Love It Like You Stole It by Kid606 on Why I Love Life (Visit $ Buy
  11. Untitled by Remote Viewer on Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (555 Records) $ Buy
  12. Halo 2 by ACCELERA DECK on Halo.Ep (-) $ Buy
  13. λow fibb [live jam version] by Brainwaltzera on Alepoch EP (Visit $ Buy
  14. Ambra by Piezo on Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay (-) $ Buy
  15. Spckrft by Lorenzo Senni on Early Works (Visit $ Buy
  16. /dɛpθs/ by CLD.RĀN on /ˈsʌndri/ (Visit $ Buy
  17. untitled by exael on dioxippe (Visit $ Buy
  18. Radial Hardcore by Yakui on Imni (Visit $ Buy
  19. Persuasive Percussion by Itoa on Persuasive Percussion (Visit $ Buy
  20. WITHOUT YOU by eighty9s on The Sunset (Visit $ Buy
  21. Gamma by CNDSD & Turning Torso on Acropolis (Visit $ Buy
  22. Daylight Never Came by Junq on Altered State EP (Visit $ Buy
  23. PLACE I by Local Artist on Feelings (Visit $ Buy
  24. BUN by HSXCHCXCXHS on AÅÄ (Visit $ Buy
  25. *I sider 25, thing ex by RM Francis on CODE889 (Visit $ Buy
  26. Permanent Mute by Helm on forever (Haunter) $ Buy