The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #181

back in the studio after my London trip, ton of great new material, including tracks by Lee Gamble, Turning Torso, Vou, Trash Panda QC, and some classic DSP/IDM sounds via Kid606, Remote Viewer, Accelera Deck - and loads more - get in!


  1. Tyre by Lee Gamble on Exhaust EP (Hyperdub)
  2. 1918 by Vou on PFM Vol. 1 (Visit
  3. Roooo by Trash Panda QC on CODE845 (Visit
  4. 320 by Turning Torso on CODE320 (Visit
  5. Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine Remix) by Funkstörung on DEVINE EDGAR EP (Visit
  6. BunOut by I Jahbar on Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash
  7. Boomba Bounce by EEZIR on Pulse Response (Visit
  8. Stress Test by Stenny on Stress Test (Visit
  9. When Prophecy Fails by Barker on Debiasing (Visit
  10. Love It Like You Stole It by Kid606 on Why I Love Life (Visit
  11. Untitled by Remote Viewer on Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (555 Records)
  12. Halo 2 by ACCELERA DECK on Halo.Ep
  13. λow fibb [live jam version] by Brainwaltzera on Alepoch EP (Visit
  14. Ambra by Piezo on Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay
  15. Spckrft by Lorenzo Senni on Early Works (Visit
  16. /dɛpθs/ by CLD.RĀN on /ˈsʌndri/ (Visit
  17. untitled by exael on dioxippe (Visit
  18. Radial Hardcore by Yakui on Imni (Visit
  19. Persuasive Percussion by Itoa on Persuasive Percussion (Visit
  20. WITHOUT YOU by eighty9s on The Sunset (Visit
  21. Gamma by CNDSD & Turning Torso on Acropolis (Visit
  22. Daylight Never Came by Junq on Altered State EP (Visit
  23. PLACE I by Local Artist on Feelings (Visit
  24. BUN by HSXCHCXCXHS on AÅÄ (Visit
  25. *I sider 25, thing ex by RM Francis on CODE889 (Visit
  26. Permanent Mute by Helm on forever (Haunter)