Ep.82 11.10.19 (Vogue/Ballroom)


  1. The Ha Dance by Masters At Work on The House Of Cutting (Cutting Records Inc.)
  2. Break
  3. Walk 4 Me (feat. Ralphi Rosario) by Tronco Traxx on Walk 4 Me (The Complete Story) (Henry Street Music)
  4. No Worries by Butch on No Worries (C?cille Records)
  5. Break
  6. Work This Pussy (Revised Mix) [feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline] by Angel X on Legend (Angel X)
  7. Work This Pussy by Loffe Ninja on Work This Pussy (Loffe Ninja)
  8. Werk Ya Bawdy by Byrell The Great, UNIIQU3 on Werk Ya Bawdy (Qween Beat)
  9. Werk'd It by MikeQ & DJ Sliink on Mind to Mind: MikeQ & DJ Sliink (Fade to Mind)
  10. Break
  11. Let It All Out 2012 (feat. Angel X & Jay Karan) by MikeQ on Let It All Out EP (Fade to Mind)
  12. Bring in the Katz - Original Mix (feat. Pork Chop) by KW Griff on Club Constructions Volume 3 (Night Slugs)
  13. Voodoo Pussy by LSDXOXO on Whorecore (Independent)
  14. The En-Na-Er-Gi Bounce (Rebounce) by Vjuan Allure on Jeffree's, Vol.8 (Mad Decent)
  15. Buddah vs Sugur by Sugur Shane on Kill Da Bitch (Main Course)
  16. Mak3 L0ve (Traxxx Romay Vocal VIP Remix) by Cvnt Traxxx on Cannabis Kitsch (KnightWerk Records)
  17. Yo Vogue - Original Mix by French Fries on Yo Vogue (DIRTYBIRD)
  18. Thunderscan by Sinjin Hawke & Mike! on Visceral Minds (Fractal Fantasy)
  19. Exterra (feat. Ms. Boogie) by Kingdom on EXTERRA (Vol.1) (Fade to Mind)
  20. She Wants - Digital Exclusive by Rushmore on HOT004 (Rushmore)
  21. Miss Kitty by BE3K, Zora Jones on Visceral Minds 2 (Fractal Fantasy)
  22. Kill Da Bitch by Sugur Shane on Kill Da Bitch (Main Course)
  23. Me & My Girls by B.Ames on BMA (Deluxe) (B.Ames Entertainment)
  24. Here, Little Kitty (SPF666 Remix) by Beek on TeleKuntx (KnightWerk Records)
  25. Wherkk (feat. Purple Crush) by Vjuan Allure on Wherkk (KnightWerk Records)
  26. Let A B!tch Know by Kiddy smile on Let A B!tch Know (Defected Records)
  27. Ice Lake (Original Arena Mix) by Dat Oven on Icy Lake (Night Slugs)