Ep.83 11.17.19 (Maximalist Electronic Pt.2)


  1. Sup by Salva on Clips 2 (Frite Nite)
  2. Break
  3. Awakening by UZ, Hucci on Awakening (Quality Goods Records)
  4. Im In A Hole by TNGHT on II (Warp Records)
  5. End Of The Road (Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones' Flashback) by Murlo on End Of The Road (Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones' Flashback) (Coil Records)
  6. Fetch by S-Type on Beat (LuckyMe)
  7. Break
  8. PAPER BOYFRIEND by GFOTY, Spinee on Dog Food (PC Music)
  9. Lux 2 by Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, BABii on XYZ (Gloo)
  10. Sacred Frequency by Machinedrum on Room(s) Extended (Planet Mu Records)
  11. Connect (feat. Eurodeath) by Pixelord on Cyber (Hyperboloid Records)
  12. FIRE FLY by J-E-T-S, Machinedrum, Jimmy Edga on ZOOSPA (Innovative Leisure)
  13. Jumpstyle Is Low Art by Joseph Marinetti on Jumpstyle Is Low Art (LuckyMe)
  14. Gothic by The Phantom on EP2 (Silverback Recordings)
  15. Dassi by Inkke on Lil Plasma (LuckyMe)
  16. wazapiffpiff by Slugabed on sluga's secrect beat tape (Activia Benz)
  17. Lypha by Gemmy on Return to Venus EP (World Of Wonders)
  18. Mazerati by Lunice on Mazerati (LuckyMe Records)
  19. The Darkest Hype by Cadenza on The Darkest Hype - EP (Dummy Records)
  20. Whoopi by Blessings on LuckyMe: Advent Calendar 15/16 (LuckyMe Records)
  21. Is This Love(feat. Jessica Winter) S-Type Remix by Cid Rim, S-Type on Is This Love (S-Type Remix) (LuckyMe)
  22. Dum Dum by Baauer on Dum Dum (LuckyMe)
  23. Boat by Joker on Boat / Deploy (Kapsize)
  24. Shake by DJ Paypal on Why (Mall Music Inc.)
  25. Parallel Jalebi (Hudson Mohawke RMX) by Four Tet on LuckyMe: Advent Calendar 14/15 (LuckyMe Records)
  26. Drag Hunt by Kai Whistn on Houndstooth (TAR)
  27. Chimes - Gammer Re-Edi by Hudson Mohawke on Chimes (Warp Records Limited)
  28. Dream Girl / Sky Surfer by Lone on Galaxy Garden (R&S Records)
  29. Nivea by Sega Bodega on Nivea (Crazylegs)
  30. IRL by Girl Unit on I.R.L. EP (Night Slugs)
  31. Palm Reader (feat. Lido) by Hoodboi on Palm Reader (Fool's Gold Records)
  32. Clockwork by Lunice, The Alchemist on Moving Parts (LuckyMe)
  33. Luka by Dark0 on Oceana (XL Recordings Limited)
  34. Skeezers by Mssingno on MssingNo EP (Goon Club Allstars)