Music Ninja Radio #164: Blonded, Slow Hollows & Soul Trash


  1. It's Nice To Be Alive by Vegyn on Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds
  2. Young Man by Slow Hollows on Actor
  3. Iceland Moss by Sudan Archives on Athena (Stones Throw)
  4. CRYBABY :*( by DIJON
  5. Lonely Life by Anna of the North on Dream Girl
  6. Heart by Slow Hollows on Actors
  7. 19 by 99 Neighbors
  8. DHL by Frank Ocean
  9. Go Away!! by Lucki on Days B4 III
  10. Grim (feat. Lil Ugly Mane & Denzel Curry) by Wiki on OOFIE
  11. Spotlight by Kembe X on I Was Depressed Until I Made This
  12. Break
  13. In My Room by Frank Ocean
  14. zeiss_hifi_v2 (feat. Caleon Fox) by Toro y Moi on Soul Trash
  15. A Palé by ROSALÍA
  16. money machine (A.G. Cook Remix) by 100 gecs
  17. 7-21-17_substitute_hifi_v3 by Toro y Moi on Soul Trash
  18. Break
  19. Studie (feat. Panda Bear) by Teebs on Anicca
  20. When the Fires Come by Kero Kero Bonito
  21. It Might Be Time by Tame Impala on The Slow Rush
  22. Movement by SebastiAn on Thirst
  23. Deal Wiv it (feat. slowthai) by Mura Masa on RYC
  24. Las Penas by Klik & Frik on Refugio
  25. Way Chill feat. Def Sound by Bella Boo on Once Upon a Passion (Studio Barnhus)
  26. Blue Lotus by Space Ghost on Aquarium Nightclub
  27. She's Back! by Bella Boo on Once Upon a Passion (Studio Barnhus)
  28. Not Seeing Is a Flower by Lone on Not Seeing is a Flower
  29. Baila by Fernanda Arrau & Balam