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The Music Ninja is a multi-genre music discovery site based out of the deep, dark and melodic shadows of the internet. With one simple goal--to only feature the best music we come across--we have swiftly infiltrated the ears and minds of Pitbull fans and permanently set them on the path to better more fulfilling music. We post new tracks daily, interview our favorite artists and review concerts around the country/world.

Music Ninja radio, hosted by Ashraf El Gamal aka Ash aka @ShraffiHendrix aka The Most Noble Camel when translated from Arabic, will feature an eclectic mix of forward-thinking, recently released music of nearly all genres fused with tunes from the pioneers who inspired our contemporary favorites. Given Ash's Bay Area roots, there will be regular 'Dojo by the Bay' segments specifically highlighting local artists. As we grow, we hope to bring some on-air interviews as well.

In addition to being the Bay Area editor for TMN, Ash is also a founding father of the international crime organization/superhero collective known as the CLOM Mafia. We'll be joined weekly by different members of the crew who will either be adding some of their favorite tunes to the mix, giving feedback on tunes or, occasionally, jamming live on air.

Follow Ash: || Twitter: @ShraffiHendrix || Soundcloud || Contact:

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