Tuff Signals


  1. Balance by Church Girls on Cycles (Chatterbot Records)
  2. Big Fingers by Curse Word on Your Name (Self Relased)
  3. Week of Charm by Fern Mayo on Your Name (Self Released)
  4. There Is No There There by Gorgeous on Egg (Sad Cactus Records)
  5. Spinning Gold by Parlor Walls on Lunchbox / Spinning Gold (Famous Swords)
  6. Stay in the Room by Fiddlehead on Get My Mind Right (Self Released)
  7. Small Town by Luke Spook on Small Town (Third Eye Stimuli)
  8. Here She Comes by Rosa Maria on Here She Comes (Third Eye Stimuli)
  9. All I Want by Sunfruits (Third Eye Stimuli)
  10. Alone, Stone by The Jim Mitchells on Planet Absorbed EP (Third Eye Stimuli)
  11. Sincerely Yours by Networker on Omni (Sub Pop)
  12. Let It Die by Penny on Penny LP (Let's Pretend Records)
  13. Vacancies by Constant Insult on History in Shorthand (Let's Pretend Records)
  14. Don't to the Music by Drag Sounds on IV (Self Released)
  15. We Exist by She Bears (Self Released)
  16. Fine Grind by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  17. Sleeping with Enemy by No Men on Dear God Bring the Doom (Let's Pretend Records)
  18. Stay Hydrated by Weird Radicals on Perfect Strangers (Burger Records)
  19. ppl plzr by Illuminati Hotties on ppl plzr (Tiny Engines)
  20. Erased World by Louder Than Death on Stop Und Fick Dich (Ernedt Jenning Records)
  21. Primrose Diner by Saba Lou on Novum Ovum (Ernest Jenning Records)
  22. Turkey Ride by The King Khan Experience on Turkey Ride (Ernest Jenning Record)
  23. Another Day by Program on Show Me (Anti Fade)
  24. Nailed to the Cross by The Nico Missile on Eight Ways to be Infected (Quality Time Records)
  25. Other Side by Brilliant Beast on Pageant Fatigue (Future Fictions)
  26. Dunedin by The Fragiles on The Fragiles (Self Released)
  27. I've Got Reason by Mikal Cronin on Seeker (Merge Records)
  28. Crushed by Amy O on Shell (Winspear)
  29. Harder On Me by James Swanberg (Burger Records)
  30. I Celebrate My Fantasy by The Homesick on The Big Excercise (Sub Pop Records)
  31. Identity Theft by The Chats on Identity Theft 7 (Burger Records)
  32. Hide by UV-TV on Happy LP (Self Released)
  33. Farewell by Joe Ghatt on Banana Sludge (Six Tonnes De Chair Records)
  34. Exactly What Nobody Wanted by Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage on Bad Wiring (Don Giovanni Records)