sadderday, #123


  1. Soft Pyramids by Q and Not U on Different Damage (Dischord)
  2. Kiss Kitty On The Lips by Street Smart Cyclist on Discography (Top Shelf)
  3. Luck Has A Name by Crash Of Rhinos on Knots (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  4. The Stars by Algernon Cadwallader on Some Kind Of Cadwallader (Be Happy)
  5. this, plus slow song by karate on in place of real insight (southern)
  6. The 1/5 Compromise by Colossal on Welcome The Problems (Asian Man)
  7. Done and Done by Look Mexico on This Is Animal Music (LuJo)
  8. Cashmere, Washington by Sharks Keep Moving on Desert Strings and Drifters (Second Nature Recordings)
  9. After Image by Toe. on For Long Tomorrow (unk)
  10. Recorded Syntax by June Of 44 on Anahata (Quarterstick)
  11. The Medecine by The Jazz June on The Medecine (Initial)
  12. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed by Snowing on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  13. My Crass Patch by Dads on Pretty Good (6131)
  14. Cut Self Not by Faraquet on The View From This Tower (Dischord)
  15. Turncoat Revolution by Hot Cross on Risk Revival (Paranoid)
  16. Orange Cat by Grown Ups on More Songs (Top Shelf)
  17. Vertigo Chamber by Hightide Hotel on Naturally (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  18. Doglife by Gulfer on Dog Bless (Top Shelf)
  19. This Town Needs Fun by forests on Spending Eternity In A Japanese Convenience Store (Sweetness Follows)
  20. Lemur by TTNG on Animals (Big Scary Monsters)
  21. 18,19 by tricot on 3 (Topshelf)
  22. $5 Sub-tweet by Pool Kids on Music to Practice Safe Sex To (Skeletal Lightning)
  23. I Want The Quiet Moments Of A Party Girl by Owls on Owls (Jade Tree)
  24. (If you're) Sleeping On The Floor (You won't fall off the bed) by Two Knights on Quilt Chamberlain (Gutterth)
  25. Some Miles by Colour on Anthology (Big Scary Monsters)
  26. Helicopter by Bloc Party on Silent Alarm (Whicita)