Flow Radio: Discovery.

Join us in finding some new music as we listen through some new tracks in search of a vibe.


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  1. The Homies by Leaf Wraps feat Jack Harlow on NA (NA) $ Buy
  2. The Man Who Has Everything by Chance the Rapper on The Man Who Has Everything (Self Released) $ Buy
  3. Sirens (feat the Mind) by Saba on NA (NA) $ Buy
  4. Szechuan by Jimi Tents on NA (NA) $ Buy
  5. Better Days/ Focused by Tony Da Kid on NA (NA) $ Buy
  6. U Can't Be My Baby by Joshua Hill on NA (NA) $ Buy
  7. Rosethroat by ytk on NA (NA) $ Buy
  8. Photosynthesis (feat. Jean Deaux) by Saba on Bucket List Project ( NA) $ Buy
  9. Cherry Trees (feat Koda the Friend) by Troop Brand on NA (NA) $ Buy
  10. Kept Clean by Innanet James on NA (NA) $ Buy
  11. AM/FM ft. Shaelle and Lady Frequency by Emmitt James on NA (NA) $ Buy
  12. Big Booty Girls by AAKHU on NA (NA) $ Buy
  13. Raspberry by Meraki on NA (NA) $ Buy
  14. It's Whatever by Jean Deaux on NA (Jean Deaux / EMPIRE) $ Buy
  15. I Got You by RAICHE on NA (NA) $ Buy
  16. Thursday by Leven Kali on NA (NA) $ Buy
  17. You by Snoh Aalegra on - Ugh, those feels again (Artium Recordings) $ Buy
  18. Morning Glory by Liza on NA (NA) $ Buy
  19. Stressed by Arin Rey on NA (NA) $ Buy
  20. Black Truck by Mereba on Black Truck (n/a) $ Buy
  21. Poseidon by Wax Roof on NA (NA) $ Buy
  22. Think About It by Andrea Valle on NA (NA) $ Buy
  23. Start It Up by Alex Mali on NA (NA) $ Buy
  24. Lucy's Love (feat Lil Wayne) by SiR on Single (TDE) $ Buy
  25. Whoa by Snoh Aalegra on Single (Artium Recordings) $ Buy
  26. Baby by Monte Booker on NA (Soullection) $ Buy
  27. Pardon Me by Tate Tucker on NA (NA) $ Buy
  28. Shy by Leon Bridges Feat Kajad on NA (NA) $ Buy
  29. Might Be (f. Anderson .Paak) by Callum Connor on NA (NA) $ Buy
  30. Self Care by Mac Miller (Warner Bros) $ Buy
  31. Freestyle and Chill by Dr. Moo on Flow Radio (Bff.fm) $ Buy