Episode 71 : K'in Sventa Hosts

k'in sventa hosts episode 71

bay area hip-hop and electronic. a lot of bay rap on this one


  1. Big Ballin' with My Homies by E-40 on Charlie Hustle - Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire (Jive)
  2. Jungle by Andre Nickatina on Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes And Alibis (Fillmoe Coleman Records)
  3. Smooth by Tha Dogg Pound on Dogg Food (Death Row Records / Interscope)
  4. Me And Jesus The Pimp in a 79 Granada Last Night by The Coup on Steal This Album (Dogday Records)
  5. Iller Clip by The Jacka on The Jack Artist (The Artist Records)
  6. What You Hustle Fo by Celly Cel, Cisco and Baby Beesh on 18 wit a bullet (black and brown)
  7. Smoke Dope And Rap by Andre Nickatina on The New Jim Jones (Fillmore Coleman)
  8. Twisted by Young Lay on Black 'N Dangerous (Atlantic)
  9. Light Sleeper by Saafir on Boxcar Sessions (Qwest Records)
  10. The Wreckoning by latyrix on Solesides Greatest Bumps (Solesides)
  11. A.R.P. by Serengeti on family and friends (anticon)
  12. the whip by serengeti on family and friends (anticon)
  13. the vowels, pt.2 by why? on alopecia (anticon)
  14. The Hollows by Why? on Alopecia (Anticon)
  15. kit and pearle by dosh on wolves and wishes (anticon)
  16. Weapons by Son Lux on At War With Walls & Mazes (anticon.)
  17. THE KILL TONE TWO by Odd Nosdam on Level Live Wires (10th Anniversary Remaster) (anticon.)
  18. Um, Circles and Squares by Dosh on The Lost Take (anticon)
  19. Duration Part Ten by Sixtoo on duration (anticon)
  20. Duration Part four by Sixtoo on duration (anticon)
  21. Duration Project (Part 16) by Sixtoo on duration (anticon)
  22. Noise Complaint by Sixtoo on duration (anticon)
  23. fresh by non prophets on hope (mush)
  24. dismantling of sole's ego by sole on bottle of humans (anticon)
  25. the night before by murs on the end of the begining (def jux)
  26. the candle by deep puddle dynamics on taste of rain why kneel (anticon)
  27. Rainmen by deep puddle dynamics on The Taste of Rain... (Anticon)
  28. ENDLESS 432 (w/TEEBS) by Odd Nosdam on SISTERS (Leaving Records)
  29. all day breakfast by jel on soft money (anticon.)