The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Mr White & DJ Robin Roth (San Diego) 11/26/19


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  1. Slice Of Life by Bauhaus on Burning from the Inside (1983) $ Buy
  2. Rose Kingdom by Gille Loves on Rose Kingdom single (1991) $ Buy
  3. Gallowdance by Lebanon Hanover on Tomb For Two (2013) $ Buy
  4. The Trauma Coil by Faith And The Muse on Elyria (1994) $ Buy
  5. Scarecrow by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Peepshow (1988) $ Buy
  6. The Death And Resurrection Show by Killing Joke on Killing Joke (2003) $ Buy
  7. Deathwish by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain (1982) $ Buy
  8. Scum by Clan Of Xymox on Medusa (1986) $ Buy
  9. Mr Alphabet Says by The Glove on Blue Sunshine (1983) $ Buy
  10. The Calling by Death In June on Nada (1985) $ Buy
  11. Dark Allies by Light Asylum on Tension (2010) $ Buy