The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Mr White & DJ Robin Roth (San Diego) 11/26/19


  1. Slice Of Life by Bauhaus on Burning from the Inside
  2. Rose Kingdom by Gille Loves
  3. Gallowdance by Lebanon Hanover on Tomb For Two
  4. The Trauma Coil by Faith And The Muse on Elyria
  5. Scarecrow by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Peepshow
  6. The Death And Resurrection Show by Killing Joke on Killing Joke
  7. Deathwish by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain
  8. Scum by Clan Of Xymox on Medusa
  9. Mr Alphabet Says by The Glove on Blue Sunshine
  10. The Calling by Death In June on Nada
  11. Dark Allies by Light Asylum on Tension