The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Skot Brown & DJ Gabriell (Providence) 12/3/19


  1. Infinite Void by Esses on Near Dark Compilation
  2. Preacher Man by Fields Of The Nephilim on Revelations
  3. Zeitgeist by 1919 on Bloodline
  4. Creux Lies by Unclasping on The Hearth
  5. Martin by Soft Cell on The Art of Falling Apart
  6. Piss On Them Lightly by Phantom Limbs on Applied Ignorance
  7. Mach Schnell by Jeweled Snakes
  8. Parasite by Bite Marx on Deleted Scenes
  9. The Crablouse by Lords Of Acid on Voodoo-U
  10. Lost Times by Ships In The Nights on Lost Times
  11. The Traps We Made by Mesh on Looking Skyward
  12. Testure by Skinny Puppy on VIVIsectVI
  13. Telekinesis by Altar De Fey on The Insatiable Desire... For More
  14. Collapsing New People by Fad Gadget on Gag
  15. Homo Gothikus Industrialis by :Wumpscut: on Body Census