The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Davey Bones & DJ Hiem (Pittsburgh) 12/10/19


  1. Bose Lugen by Riki on Hot City EP
  2. I see Darkness In You by Red Mecca on I see Darkness In You
  3. What Isn't There by Tempers on Services
  4. Borderline by Prismatic Shapes on Gloomy Afternoon
  5. Volny by Molchat Doma on Etazhi
  6. Nick Cave by There Is A Light on Batman Forever OST
  7. I Was Lying When I Said It Was Okay by Skeleton Hands on Gone
  8. Hallucination Generation (Syametic Nightmare), by Gruesome Twosome on Candy From Strangers
  9. Suicide In Texas by Automatic on Signal
  10. Sour by Void Vision on Sub Rosa
  11. Red Lokust by Factionless on The Repercussions of Shedding Your Skin
  12. Space Force by Tragic Impulse on Space Force EP
  13. Playback by SSQ on Q EP
  14. Cyndi Lauper by Yeah Yeah on She's So Unusual