Nov 23


  1. Anda by Majid Soula on Akka Akka (Self Released)
  2. Copilot by Tōth on Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary (Northern Spy)
  3. Visiting Again by Alexander Tucker on Don't Look Away (Thrill Jockey)
  4. Let the Moon Get Into It by Soft Location on Diamonds and Gems (MuddyMitten)
  5. Instant Nostalgia by Bas Jan on Instant Nostalgia (Lost Map)
  6. Do You Realize?? by Flaming Lips on Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Warner)
  7. Pale Burnt Lake by Virginia Wing on Pale Burnt Lake (Fire)
  8. Hjärtat Slår Sällsynta Slag by Christopher Sander on Hej Hå! (Vesper)
  9. The Whole of the Moon by Kirin J Callinan on Return to Center (Universal)
  10. Clean by The Royal Landscaping Society on Clean (Matinee)
  11. You Make Me Hear Music (Inside My Head) by The School on Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything (Elefant)
  12. Hall of Heads by U.S. Highball on Great Record (Lame-O)
  13. Only Shadows by The Perfect English Weather on Don't You Wanna Feel the Rain? (Matinee)
  14. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves on Katrina & the Waves (Capitol)
  15. Zip Zip by Beach Bullies on We Rule the Universe (Manufactured Recordings)