Tuff Signals


  1. Shadow Box by Shadow Show on Silhouettea (Self Released)
  2. Words by En Attendant Ana on Juillet (Trouble In Mind)
  3. Caberfae Peaks by Nolan Potters Nightmare Band on Nightmare Forever (Castle Face Records)
  4. My Crime by Soda Boys on The Secret Years Naked and Hopped Up On Speed in Watson's Attic (Burger Records)
  5. Caroline by The Choosers on File Under Power Pop LP (Bachelor Records)
  6. Never Feel Alright by Total Rejects on Total Rejects (Slovenly Records)
  7. Pariah Radio by Chubby and the Gang on Speed Kills (Static Shock Records)
  8. Heat Lightning by Cheap Fur on Heat Lightning (Street Panther Records)
  9. Gizmo by Soursob on Soursob EP (Fuzz Kill Records)
  10. Outta Style by The Prissteens on The Hound (Girlsville)
  11. The Holler by NightFreak on Blade of the Knife (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  12. Don't to the Music by Drag Sounds on IV (Self Released)
  13. Downtown by The Soltars on Telling Stories (Austin Town Hall Recordings)
  14. high time by nallo on nallo (Self Released)
  15. All The Birds by Pinky Pinky on Turkey Dinner (Innovative Leisure)
  16. Boss by Necking on Cut Your Teeth (Mint Records)
  17. Lucky Strikes by Lightouts on Wake (PUSH)
  18. The Shape I'm In by Beautiful Dudes on Radio (Mama Bird Recording Co.)
  19. Every Day She Kills Me by Personal Best on What You At (Sheer Luck Records)
  20. Sun Roll In by Prim Woes on Sun Dunk EP (Forged Artifacts)
  21. Alien with a Sleep Mask On by Ratboys on Printers Devil (Self Released)
  22. Not What You Need by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Sheet Luck Records)
  23. Not Quiet Whisper by Eddy Current Suppression Ring on All in Good Time (Castle Face Records)
  24. Come My Habibi by Habibi on Anywhere but Here (Mudguts Records)
  25. Supermoon by Charly Bliss on Supermoon (Barsuk)
  26. Balance by Church Girls on Cycles (Chatterbot Records)
  27. Shed Boys by Gorgeous on Egg (Sad Cactus Records)
  28. Love by Caress (Manimal Vinyl Records)
  29. Wait For You by Slopers on Slopers (Weirdly Records)
  30. Girlfriend Degree by The Paranoyds on Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze)
  31. Onwards and Downwards by Salad Boys on The Issue / Onwards and Downwards (Self Released)
  32. We Exist by She Bears (Self Released)
  33. Shape-Shift Faces by The Shitdels on Shape-Shift Faces (What's for Breakfast?)
  34. Payback by No Men on Hell Was Full So We Came Back (Let's Pretend Records)
  35. Your Kind by Woolen Men on Human to Human (See My Friends Records)
  36. Bag it Up by Eroders on Eroders (Outer Limits Lounge Recording)