1. Категории (feat. Kedr Livanskiy) by Працтал Фрактал on Категории (Домашняя работа)
  2. Hosting by Mica Levi on Hosting (NTS)
  3. DA3 by Shasta Cults on Shasta Cults (Important)
  4. Suction Fax by Quirke on Steal a Golden Hail (Whities)
  5. Liminal Crisis by Analemma on locus error (трип)
  6. Unknown To The Peacock The Serpent And Scorpion Conspire (Alessandro Cortini Remix) by Vatican Shadow on American Flesh For Violence (Hospital Productions)
  7. Do Drones Go to Heaven? by Forest Swords on The Machine Air (Original Score) (Dense Truth)
  8. Considered Instances by Echium on Considered Instances (Sferic)
  9. Revener Sys by Forest Management on Below Sky (VAKNAR)
  10. Xultext Cradle by Quirke on Steal a Golden Hail (Whities)
  11. Hang Nail by Lighght on The Skin Falls Off the Body (Dream Catalogue)
  12. Preparations III by Del Lumanta on Preparatios (Room40)
  13. Cercle Vicieux by Zoë Mc Pherson & Rupert Clervaux on Plafond 5 (BAKK)