1. Vortrack by Squarepusher on Be Up a Hello (Warp)
  2. To the One of Fictive Music by Madteo on Dropped out Sunshine (DDS)
  3. God's Face in the Water by Croatian Amor & Varg²™ on Body Of Carbon (Posh Isolation)
  4. Memo by Melanie Velarde on Parcel (RVNG Intl.)
  5. Dapple by Oto Hiax on Two (Editions Mego)
  6. Mowgli's Ghost by Tomasz Bednarczyk on Fall Into The Water (Somewhere Nowhere)
  7. Can We Provoke Reciprocal Reaction by Amor Muere on A Time to Love and A Time to Die (Umor-Rex)
  8. Winding it out in the High Country by Roy Montgomery on Scenes from the South Island (Yellow Electric)
  9. Being Anne by Anne Müller on Heliopause (Erased Tapes)
  10. Low by James Place on Vanishing (Umor-Rex)
  11. Mauerharfe 1: Aufnahme bei Mauerblüten, Sommer 1990 by Günter Schickert & Peter Unsicker on Field recordings from 1990 featuring the Berlin Wall (Marmo)