1. BBBASE by buttechno on badtrip (трип)
  2. Adagio - Hirtengesang by Stefan Fraunberger on Quellgeister#3 (Morphine)
  3. Kemmer (feat. Cosey Fanni Tutti) by Gavilán Rayna Russom on The Envoy (Ecstatic)
  4. Esc by Lapalux on Amnioverse (Brainfeeder)
  5. AS Acá (feat. Lalita) by Amnesia Scanner on AS Acá (PAN)
  6. Danke (feat. Jo Pryde) by Steven Warwick on MOI (PAN)
  7. Workaround Two by Beatrice Dillon on Workaround (PAN)
  8. Nightfall by Sean McCann on Puck (Recital)
  9. Tyre by Lee Gamble on Exhaust EP (Hyperdub)
  10. Geneva-Lugano by Shit And Shine on NO NO NO NO (OOH-sounds)
  11. Eruption by Floating Spectrum on A Point Between (The Temporary Residence)
  12. Avoid Large Places At Night by Skin Crime on Traveller on the Road (Hospital Productions)