Abuela's Pantry #130

Holidays are among us and the same songs are playing on repeat in every store you go, and yet here I am telling you I love you while playing different versions of those same songs.

Let the songs cradle you away from flu season, and hopefully cheer you up as you blow out your guts. 


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  1. Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles on fine line (columbia) $ Buy
  2. Oh You (Christmas Blues) by LCD Soundsystem on this is happening EP (parlophone) $ Buy
  3. Happy Together (feat. Ray Toro) by Gerard Way on single (reprise ) $ Buy
  4. shouldn't be alone for christmas by the school on christmas ep (elefant) $ Buy
  5. reality state by patio on single (fire talk) $ Buy
  6. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Slow Club on Christmas Thanks for Nothing EP (Moshi Moshi) $ Buy
  7. silver bells by bright eyes on a christmas album (saddle creek) $ Buy
  8. Sister by Torrey on Sister (-) $ Buy
  9. standing in the doorway - demo by jenny lewis on on the iphone (warner) $ Buy
  10. summer is half a year away by kincaid on kindercore records christmas two (kindercore) $ Buy
  11. My Favorite Part (Of This Time of Year) by Dude York on Halftime for the Holidays (self-released) $ Buy
  12. Christmas Number One by The 10p Mixes on a very cherry christmas (cherryade) $ Buy
  13. murder under the misletoe by doris the jumper on a very cherry christmas (cherryade) $ Buy
  14. don'tchya kno by gobbinjr on manalang (Emma Witmer) $ Buy
  15. That's Where I See You by Emily Yacina on Remember The Silver (Independent) $ Buy
  16. holy like you by pill friends on let's be nice (s/r) $ Buy
  17. Carol of the Bells by The Bird and the Bee on single (blue note) $ Buy
  18. the woods by stars on heart (arts and crafts) $ Buy
  19. Christmas Time Is Here by Au Revoir Simone on i'll stay til after christmas (Animal World Recordings) $ Buy
  20. Hey Hey Galaxie by Orange Cake Mix on darla 100 (darla) $ Buy
  21. sound of my alarm by kisswhistle on we can still be friends (magic marker ) $ Buy
  22. his mistake by kissing book on we can still be friends (magic marker) $ Buy
  23. time you have been wasting by the salteens on Let Go Of Your Bad Days (drive in) $ Buy
  24. holiday by the crabs on what were flames now smolder (k) $ Buy
  25. trouble with me by lois on strumpet (k) $ Buy
  26. Candy Coated Kisses by Carnival Park on You're Still Young At Heart (Shelflife Records) $ Buy
  27. Waiting for You by the shermans on in technicolor (shelflife) $ Buy
  28. december slow by aerospace on In a Place of Silver Eaves (Labrador Records) $ Buy
  29. some lunatic by loons on loons (loons) $ Buy
  30. Tal Uno by Barrie on Tal Uno (Winspear) $ Buy
  31. Jupiter Winter by Sufjan Stevens on songs for christmas (asthmatic kitty) $ Buy
  32. slow talkin' by haley heynderickx, max garcia conover on single (-) $ Buy
  33. Embarking by Flying Fish Cove on en garde ep (Jigsaw) $ Buy
  34. Winter in the Dark by Jeanines on Winter in the Dark (Slumberland) $ Buy
  35. Time is Weird by Seablite on Grass Stains and Novocaine (Emotional Response) $ Buy
  36. After School - 8bit version by Ratboys on GL (Topshelf) $ Buy
  37. kiss you in the snow by the school on happy new year 2008 (elefant) $ Buy
  38. The Chipmunk's Song by Boyish Charms on Kindercore Christmas (Kindercore) $ Buy
  39. All I Want for Christmas is You by My Chemical Romance on Gift Wrapped: Regifted (Warner Bros) $ Buy