Episode 73: Denley Hosts

Alleyes Manifest, Alma Rosae, Almani, Anti Hero 510, Artist, Bafu, CAPE, Cheflee, D-Styles, G.C. Martin, Brant Jackson, GQ, IDHAZ x Bored Lord, Inzerra, Isiaiah McLane, Calioto, John F. Hennessy, Keese Sama, Cam the Underacheefer, Khemmeta, Larry June, Maitre D, Mark Aubert, Max Kane, Coultrain, Michael Marshall, Equipto, Nenci, Rich Iyala, Ruin Your Day, Anml Plnt, Samplelov, Selim X, Shy'an G, Spote Breeze, The I.M.F., Lmt. Break, Tyler Holmes, Up Next Crew, Wallah Umoja, cuanzi, gbaby


  1. Verklempt Theme by Selim X on Verklempt' LP (Silva Electronics)
  2. On Boundaries by Samplelov on Water For The Town v.1 (Self-Released)
  3. Ebb & Flow by Max Kane, Coultrain (4onefunk Records)
  4. Untitled, 1957 by Tyler Holmes (Self-Released)
  5. Two Tylers (Live at Starline Social Club for Bay Area Record Fest 20191214) by Tyler Holmes (Self-Released)
  6. Consistent by Larry June on Product of the Dope Game (The Freeminded)
  7. Tap In by Keese Sama, Cam the Underacheefer (Self-Released)
  8. Ozone by Maitre D on Rain (Self-Released)
  9. Writing on the Walls (feat. Opio) by Johnny Venetti on KATRANO (Forthcoming) (Self-Released)
  10. In the Morning by Isiaiah McLane, Calioto (Inside Out ENT)
  11. nothing complicated by Nenci (Text Me Records)
  12. Clockwork (feat. Ian Kelly) by Shy'an G (STP)
  13. Tonal Catastrophe (w/ Mike Boo & Kypski) by D-Styles on Noises in the Right Order (Alpha Pup Records)
  14. Profits by Ruin Your Day, Anml Plnt on RYD Radio, Vol. 3 (RUIN YOUR DAY)
  15. Scenes by GQ (One Day Soon)
  16. Waiting for You (Prod BigDaddyChop) by Up Next Crew on (Soundcloud) (Self-Released)
  17. The Team (to be continued) [feat. Stanley Ipkuss, Spote Breeze, Fresh Daily] by Cheflee on Snowflakeclone Vol.2 (Self-Released)
  18. Clockwork by The I.M.F., Lmt. Break on Reign Supreme (Mega) (The Get Down Records)
  19. More Time by Mark Aubert on Water For The Town v.1 (Water For The Town v.1)
  20. Slumped by Inzerra (Self-Released)
  21. Sugar (feat. Keri Shewmaker) by Alleyes Manifest on James Wavey Roses (Mantra)
  22. Kaleidoscope (Daoud Remix) by Spote Breeze (Hot Record Societé)
  23. IF YOU HEAR ME by Khemmeta on DIE MAD ABOUT IT (Self-Released)
  24. Jones by Wallah Umoja on Jones -Single (Left-N-Right Records)
  25. Grind by Alma Rosae (Legacy Studio)
  26. Sorry for the Delay (feat. Professa Gabel) by Michael Marshall, Equipto on K.I.M. 3 Sigue la Movida (Solidarity Records)
  27. How the Game Go by Anti Hero 510 (Self-Released)
  28. Next Up by G.C. Martin, Brant Jackson on Conundrum (237 Records)
  29. On My Shit by Almani on 1997 (Self-Released)
  30. everythings alright by gbaby on (Soundcloud) (Self-Released)
  31. Loaded (feat. Ziggy) by Rich Iyala (Over Everything)
  32. So Alone by cuanzi (Self-Released)
  33. HALF TRAFFIC by CAPE on CAPE (Self-Released)
  34. Deep Blue by IDHAZ x Bored Lord on They Never Taught Us To (Self-Released)
  35. CHARGE by Bafu (Self-Released)
  36. Decimate by John F. Hennessy (Ice Machine)